Even before publication, the Marvel series She-Hulk writes a lot of headlines. The first trailer in particular is hotly debated, because The CGI does not like every fan . But despite everything, the trailer is a great success and in a few days became one of the most viewed announcement trailers from a Disney Plus series from the MCU.

Official Trailer | She-Hulk: Attorney at Law | Disney+

SHE-Hulk announcement trailer is a huge success

The first trailer for the series was able to generate entire 78 million views in the first 24 hours after publication and thus becomes the second most successive debut in the history of Disney Plus series in the Marvel universe. The only production that could write even better numbers was The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ** from 2021. Has.

What do we know about She-Hulk?

In She-Hulk we follow the lawyer Jeniffer Walters , played by Tatiana Maslany . This discovers its superpowers in the course of the series and finds that a Hulk slumbers in it. This is also not surprising, after all, she is the cousin by Bruce Banner alias Hulk, who is again embodied by Mark Ruffalo . The trailer already reveals that your male counterpart supports her to better control your strength.

When does the Marvel series SHE-Hulk appear?

According to the current status, SHE-Hulk is to appear exclusively on Disney-Plus on August 17th. At least if the appointment should not be postponed. Because recently there were reports of problems with the post-production of she-hulk . At the moment, however, you can only wait and hope that the creators will get the problems under control until the release and the CGI polish on a high gloss.

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