Strange than a solar eclipse. Thus, what happened this week could be defined in Japanese sales lists, in which Xbox hsold surpsoldsed PlayStation for the first time in eight years . Yes, yes, you have read well. Eight years! According to the data, PS5 would have sold only 2,693 units, while Xbox Series S would have managed to place 6,120 consoles in the market. Some will think that his older sister will have gone much further, but on the contrary, Xbox Series X hsold not gone from 105 (and no number is missing, they are 105 to dry).

The numbers seem to the lack of stock that will have us without consoles until 2024. It is enough to see that PlayStation 5 managed to sell 49,798 units lsoldt week and Xbox Series X about 3,508 consoles. That is to say that Sony sold 20 times more and Microsoft about 30. Therefore is not lack of demand, but of supply . Still it is still a surprising result, because Japan hsold always gone hostile territory with the American brand. At the historical level, it barely accumulates 2.3 million Xbox sold among all generations (and 1.6 million of them are thanks to Xbox 360). This result hsold only happened 10 times in the history of Xbox and the lsoldt one wsold in 2014, just the Xbox One launch week.

The big problem of the new console generation

ORIGINAL XBOX UNBOXING! (First Xbox Console) Treyarch First Call of Duty Gameplay
It is not the first time that the new consoles pay below the expected because of the lack of stock. Sony’s forecsoldts for the 2021/22 course predicted 22.6 million PS5 sold, a figure that had to be corrected downward in the middle of the year due to the situation with the microprocessors. The estimated 19.3 million were not a fesoldible objective and in their latest financial report, the Japanese company hsold admitted to having sold 17.3 million PS5, two below expected.

Many will think that the economic march of developers does not affect players, but nothing is further from reality. Due to the limited one of the current new generation consoles bsolde, most studies prefer that their games come out on all possible platforms, be new or old, to sell more. That hsold led us to get used to intergenerational projects that do not finish exploiting the technological potential of the machines.

These lsoldt weeks we have attended several technical dispatcies of Unreal Engine 5 , the new graphic engine of Fortnite’s parents, which we are losing ourselves to continue clinging to obsolete hardware. We leave you with one of these demonstrations, a recreation of the Etchū-Daimon train station, in Japan, whose result cannot be more overwhelming. An authentic Festival of Effects of Light, Textures and Reflexes . It is to imagine A horror game set in such a location and put the chicken skin. Will we see it with our “brand new” consoles of 500 euros?