Polyphony Digital and Sony Interactive Entertainment have announced the return to normality in the competitive driving simulator par excellence, presenting the championship schedule.

Any news related to a return to normality is positive. And although we have already had several face-to-face events of all kinds, it is time to add one more. The Gran Turismo World Series returns with the public and with Gran Turismo 7 as the main attraction to dispute the official championship of the exclusive PlayStation game.

This new season marks the return of physical events after two years in which they were held online due to the pandemic. The premiere is coming soon, with the first of the races in which the drivers will meet again at the end of July at Red Bull’s spectacular Hangar-7 in Salzburg, Austria.

But first, the online competition will start this weekend to determine who earns their place on the starting grid. In August, the World Series will play its second season online to establish who will be the pilots who will access the World Finals that will take place in November. The best drivers will have the opportunity to relive the glamor of the prestigious Sporting Club of Monte Carlo, where the 2018 and 2019 finals were already experienced.

As always, the official championships will take place in two competitions. On the one hand, the Nations Cup will face the players individually by country to determine the World Championship. And on the other hand, the one renamed the Manufacturers Cup in which the drivers will represent a team to take it to the top, demonstrating their talent with Gran Turismo. A test in which the Spanish Coque López will defend the championship obtained with Toyota.

How could it be otherwise, especially knowing the affection dedicated to the competitive Gran Turismo? You can follow the events through online broadcasts, face-to-face events, and some of the most amazing online races of the season.

Remember that from MGG, we are attentive to all the news of GT7, and we tell you everything that we thought in our analysis. It is a game that still has a lot to say, both for the news that it will continue to include and in its esports competitions.