The last organization paper was 2 weeks before one title in the last of the DFB Cup. VfL Wolfsburg intended to make the dual excellent. The wolves around coach Tommy Stroot, that had managed 7-1 in the last league game Bayer 04 Leverkusen, began with three workers changes: Wilms, Rauch as well as Roord played for pallor, Wedemeyer and Popp (all of the financial institution).

The indications at the Underdog from Potsdam, who needed to approve a 0-5 swatter versus FC Bayern in the organization and played the premier class in the organization. Trainer Sofian Chahed also exchanged three times, mug goalkeeper Wellmann started for Fischer, before that, Plattner as well as Karen Holmgaard were permitted to do rather of Graf as well as Kerschowski (both bank).

Potsdam audacious, wolfing ice cold

The house-high faves were naturally the women of VfL Wolfsburg, that had actually recently won the DFB Cup seven times in a row as well as were additionally able to win the championship this period.

Thus the fave was early in the target and also came to excellent chances via the goal marker (14th) as well as Huth (25th), yet they continued to be extra. Potsdam entered into attack scenarios much less and also less, the balance of power was a growing number of moved in the direction of the master.

The indications in Cologne-Müngersdorf were likewise clear before 17,531, but at the starting the turbines acted very audacious, however Holmgaard waited a little also lengthy as well as missed out on the first possibility (8th). A little later, the pendulum already dismissed in the direction of the wolf, as Pajor messed up on a corner and scored the lead for VfL (11th).

Pajor and Roord make sure the initial choice

Thus, the second header gate from Pajor-preliminary was a great combination over a number of stations-more shock (33rd). The 2-0 was an actual objective for the wind turbines, since they played nobile as well as error after that, Roord even used such a mistake from Gerhardt to 3: 0 (42nd), a first preliminary choice for the Lower Saxony.

Personally, both trainers did without changes, yet the Potsdamers revealed a different face at the beginning and came close to Kössler (50th, 53rd) as well as field (51. ), but the objective did not want to drop. After these preliminary sequences, the protection of the wolf maintained again, yet VfL mainly waived its own offensive activities.

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free kick ensures the choice

The last league paper was two weeks prior to one title in the last of the DFB Cup. VfL Wolfsburg wanted to make the dual perfect. The wolves around coach Tommy Stroot, that had dealt with 7-1 in the last league game Bayer 04 Leverkusen, began with three employees modifications: Wilms, Rauch and Roord played for pallor, Wedemeyer and also Popp (all of the financial institution).

It additionally took the last phase prior to something took place once more. Janssen’s cost-free kick from 18 meters misstated fields unsustainably as well as thus lastly decided (69. ).

In the first season, the wolves brought the double of the championship and also trophy directly under coach Tommy Stroot, the latter brought the Lower Saxony into a row for the 8th time. On the various other hand, the generators never ever quit, but inevitably had no opportunity as well as for that reason shed the final because the 2006 mug victory.

, but the objective did not desire to drop. After these initial series, the defense of the wolf supported again, however VfL mostly waived its very own offensive activities.