Gigabash, a broller game that depicts an attractive four-player war without the IP of a huge monster, such as the Gojira series and Ultraman’s alien. Developer Fashion Republic Games announced the release of the game on August 5 with a new trailer.

Malaysia’s game developer fashion republick game unveiled its new trailer, Gigabessi, through the Epic Games showcase on the 11th.

The trailer, which was released this time, captures the power of Yongwang Ra, the highest force in the game. The video begins with the confrontation between the monster blast furnace and the Ultraman’s leading alien baltic adult. Fifi Juras is insane in the blast furnace ball. Another monster rushes and rushes behind the blast blast furnace. That monster is Lawa.

Since then, the video shows La’s in-gameplay and showed powerful attacks. Lawa, who walks in the form of a dinosaur similar to dinosaurs, shows a wide range of damage to her forelimbs and tails and shows an attack that rushes with horns. In particular, the rush can attack the enemy directly, or blow the building to cause enormous damage to the enemy in the distance. His mouth exudes flames and builds fire pillars right in front of him to prevent enemy approach.

The game is an action game that tells the story of the beasts that were asleep in the deep sea to the world to conquer the world and fight against each other. The game where up to four people fight separately, or two teams, expresses an attack that takes advantage of the characteristics of various monsters. In addition, you can use a variety of features for each region, so you can enjoy the game by just pressing the attack button, but it is produced as a game that will be learned through various strategies.

Fashion Republic Games, which has a variety of AAA game outsourcing experiences, created the concept of their first game ‘Gigabashi’ based on the nostalgia and memories of monster movies. In addition to the Daejeon of the monsters, the developers will also capture the story mode where you can enjoy the game in an atmosphere of classic monsters.

Giga Bash will be released on August 5th with Steam, Epic Games Store, PS4 and PS5.