This series has been successfully reached the 100th time. Sometimes there was derailment, but thanks to the readers who look forward to it. This time, this time, one of the origin of JRPG Final Fantasy will take up famous intrudoquettles. This scene where there is a tribute to the following series such as FF15. Let’s read a lot of words that make you feel excited at the beginning of the adventure.

Reading: Introduction

Japanese version:
The search trip has begun.
The four young people are the magnitude of the mission given to the light warrior,
The fate of the turbulence, which would be waiting, was even dizzy.
Four crystals that four young people did not even know the meaning.
It was said that there was a great shine in it long ago.
Now, leave. Shake the dark that covers this world,
Again, the brightness of the light in this world…

English edition:
And So their Quest Began.
As The Four Warriors of Light, They Felt Overwhelmed by the Great Task Destiny Had Placed Before Them.
Time for the Journey Had Come.
Time to Cast Off The Veil of Darkness and Bring The World Once More Into Light…

Japanese translation:

Thus, their search journey began.
As a light warrior, they were at a loss before the great mission they witnessed.
The four crystals that carry, without even knowing the true meaning…
A long time ago, Crystal had a dazzling light.
Now I’m on a trip.
Shake the dark veil and bring light to the world again…

The content is almost the same in English, and it is a relatively straight translation. Among them, two words meaning travel, QUEST and JOURNEY appear. In the current game, quests are sometimes used in the meaning of receiving a subquest, but this is a usage that is out of the original definition.

The definition of QUEST in the Cambridge dictionary is a long search for some semating that is domestic to to find, or an attempt to achievE Something Diffility It refers to the activities of the process. Quest is not the claim or the request for work itself, but to go around and find out for the purpose. In the sense of a long journey, QUEST has the same meaning as Journey, but Quest has a strong nuance that it has a clear purpose, making it feel the strong will of traveling.

There is another special meaning in the context of literary works. In the webster dictionary, A CHIVALROUS ENTERPRISE IN Mediewal Romance Usualy Involving An Adventurous Journey, Central Romance Tale of Central Romance including Adventure Journey, that is, the King of the Arthur, the King of the Round Table. It is a story of the royal road that rescues the princess. In addition, it turned into a scenario plot and type terms. Dragon Quest is of course here.

Based on these meanings, it would be nice to feel the excitement of the first line, and So their Quest Began.

There are other standard expressions of THEY DID NOT EVEN KNOW ~, Long AGO and The Time for-Had Come. If you need an English-speaking intro sentence on some occasion, let’s use these expressions.

Another important thing in FF is Warriors of Light. It’s a proper noun called Light Warrior, so don’t forget the capitalization of the first w. WOL (Hikasen), what kind of WOL is the next 16th?

English word collection you want to remember

overwhelm: Overwhelmed, at a loss

Significance: Significance and importance

* Ether: ether

PHENIX Down: Phoenix tail

Echo Grass: Yamabiko grass


Curaga: Kealga

Castle Cornelia: Cornelia Castle

Chaos Shrine: Chaos Temple

Matoya’s Cave: Matoya’s Cave

as a side note…

Front-Words, Back-Wards, Any Way You See! SUCH A Strange Spell To Swish-Swish-AREE!

* ENO LDNA Lecnac. Swish-Swish-Aroo!

Front-words, back-wards, is added because the Sassakasa part does not make sense as it is. Please note that if FRONT-W O RDS is set to Frontw A RDS, it will be completely different.