Publisher All in! Games announced on June 13 the adventure game Backfirewall_ . Compatible platforms are PC (Steam)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch. The release time is scheduled for 2022. According to the Steam store page, this work seems to support Japanese display.


Backfirewall_ is a first-person adventure game developed in a smartph1. The smartphone, which is the stage of this work, is scheduled to update to OS10.1.1. The OS9 that controls the current operating system is stopped. As a management assistant, the player explores the world that spreads inside the smartph1. You will have to check the RAM error on the terminal and stop updating and erasing data.

The inside of the smartphone is expressed as a unique location and character. For example, the speaker is an invitation nightclub. Wi-Fi also appears as a bureaucrat who needs to pick up and drop-off. Players can use cheat codes that can operate the digital environment in this world. Collect errors by crushing and making bugs, preparing binary trees, or climbing the scaffolds controlled by music. It is said that data is deleted using a special cheat code.

In addition, smartphone apps also appear as characters. It is said that unique apps will develop side stories, such as Photo, a disturbing SNS F, and healthcare, which are often ignored. In addition, the owner of the smartphone is wrapped in mystery. The player can read the scattered emails and approach the secret. In addition, it seems that meta-like humor that destroys the fourth wall is scattered.

Backfirewall_ will be released for PC (Steam)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch.