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The Xbox Series X cpu announces 8k directly on the chip

This is not the first time that Microsoft has actually indicated his confidence in Xbox resolution on his flea video game. Previously, the firm inscribed words 4K on its Xbox One X cpu.

Microsoft is familiar with show off the power of its game consoles, and also the Xbox Series X is no exemption.

Phil Spencer, head of the firm’s Xbox department, just recently changed his Twitter avatar. Although he no longer rather appears like his face, he offers the therapy chip for the next console in his location. And also he seems to have something to claim from the beginning.

This does not mean that we will see demos connected to Xbox, yet it will still be an intriguing spectacle. Interested people can check out the presentation below.

And be sure to follow this web page to acquire the latest information on the Xbox Series X.

The slightly orange chip has a version number, as well as the words Task Scarlett, which is the original name of the last Xbox game material. It additionally includes the word 8K in the location, indicating that the console is prepared for the next generation of screens.

When it comes to recognizing when we can see what the chip can do, it will certainly not be too long. According to Destructured, AMD, the developers of the Zen 2 architecture used by the Xbox Series X, will run an opening speech of the Consumer Electronic Devices Program in Las vega at 2:00 p.m. On the other hand, consumers ought to have a far better idea of what technology can.

An effective German streamer programs which awful information sends her guy on Twitch

We at Meinmmo talked to the streamer Gnu concerning sexism in gaming:.

This lags it: What Sintica describes is a phenomenon that strikes numerous Twitch streamers. Individuals treat them as sexual items and share this with:.

Who is this? .

Sexism in the video gaming market: I believed that became part of it.

What’s incorrect with Twitch?.

This is what the streamer currently shows: In a tweet on July 22nd, Sintica shows a course of chat messages that she got:.

banners feel sexually exploited on Twitch.

  • Why the heck some men constantly have to be so horrible? Bäeh.

  • Which system is that? Twitch? What’s failing with them….
  • So revolting these individuals, why does that have to contact an unfamiliar person? I do not obtain it..

Exactly how is that commented? Many individuals on Twitter are revolted by the actions of the benefactor:.

The streamer Sweet Anita talked in April 2021 that she was sexually manipulated due to the fact that people reduced clips out of their clips and reduce them to their sexuality in these clips, despite the fact that she not did anything in the actual video. She stated 7 seconds from her butt 500,000 sights in one day.

  • Sintica is a leader of a trend: DJ artists arrange twitch over hours of streams in which they place on songs and produce the mood. Throughout Corona pandemic, Twitch became an alternative to putting on clubs for some DJ musicians.
  • The German Twitch scene is controlled by guys: Sintica is 35th of one of the most checked out German-speaking channels with 4.7 million hours in 2014 as well as is for that reason the 2nd biggest streamer in Germany. Antonia RevedTV Staab lies 3 locations in front of her, in 32th area.
  • In the 2021 Twitch Leak, it transformed out that Sintica was just one of the 3 best revenues females on Twitch: Evidently she has several passionate as well as dedicated followers that consider it with paid registrations ( Subs).

** The 26-year-old Djane and producer Anika Sinitica F. is a successful German streamer on Twitch. Now she is revealing the information of an individual that she took into consideration with contributions over $ 1 during a Twitch stream. Twitch? As you can see from the comments, this is a trouble where lots of Twitch see duty to address it and also tackle it. Twitch has comprehensive rules on how streamers have to act in front of the video camera in order not to trigger an impetus.

_ Prime Video gaming is an essential variable in Twitch’s eco system: _.

The streamer Valkyrae found video clips online that showed sex-related show the case that she was. In enhancement, there are whole Twitter channels, which are everything about switching images of streamers, which masturbates.

As you can see from the comments, this is an issue where lots of Twitch see duty to address it and also tackle it. Twitch has considerable policies on exactly how streamers need to act before the cam in order not to cause a motivation. There seem to be no rules for viewers that have any kind of consequences.

Another problem of banners is when their most successful clips are not particularly cool moments in video games, but rather daily acts, like rising or bending ahead from the chair, even if in the phase of the butt or breasts seems highlighted.

* An individual sent her a total of 8 contributions over one euro within an hour.
* Each contribution came with a chat message in which the benefactor makes it clear that he masturbates to the streamer or in which he describes sexual dreams with the streamer.
* Obviously he refers to the streamer’s actions as she places songs on sex-related activities that must relate to him.

The 26-year-old Djane and producer Anika Sinitica F. is a successful German streamer on Twitch. According to a leak from 2021, it is one of the 3 best earning women on the system worldwide. Currently she is showing the news of a person that she thought about with donations over $ 1 throughout a Twitch stream. Customers on Twitter discover the information disgusting.

The last people 2 voice starlet states she has obtained death threats for her role

When points end up being severe, there are specific safety and security procedures that we take and I aim out to the qualified authorities. You just attempt to concentrate on positive factors as well as distract on your own with various other things.

The response to Bailey’s tweet mostly condemned death risks and also the co-star of Bailey Ashley Johnson (that shared Ellie, the game protagonist) tweeted I enjoy you Laura Bailey. Your performance in the game has been an outright revelation as well as that transformed me. It was an honor to be on this scene with you. Much love and also worship..

While The Last people Component 2 was a significant success in sales and received favorable criticism, its welcome from the fans was blended because of a number of questionable choices. On a podcast co-organized by the previous manager of Nintendo Reggie Son-Aime, the creative director Neil Druckmann spoke about the counterpoup that he and other individuals associated with the game gotten after his launch.

The well-known pc gaming voice actress Laura Bailey published a photo on Friday showing multiple fatality dangers which, according to her, had actually been sent to her because of her role as Abby in the new Naughty Dog division game, The Last people Part 2.

Likewise look.

The dedication 2: This is the schedule and the participants in the extreme event with Minecraft

The dedication begins today with great streamer entering this competition but what is the dedication? It is an event/series in Minecraft ogranized by LG DED where different streamers participate to survive different challenges to seek maximum glory, players must survive and help each other to last the whole month. In the first season, every week there was an important event, a Boss Fight. In the end, all those who have survived until that moment had to face the clown who was the enemy to beat.


Surprise roulette

The roulette is a random event that indicates that something will change: this includes new and stronger mobs, modification of the environment, sudden events, important notices. Many tell him the mortal wheel because when things come out complicated for the inhabitants of the town more complicating the situation we see.

All participants

Now with a new edition and more participants things could be complicated or benefiting depending on the alliances that can be given during the dedication, to give a little more Hype we present to the participants who will be looking to survive for a whole month to be able to defeat to the malevolent clown.


The event begins today with a standard schedule for different countries

  • 3:00 pm Guatemala/ Costa Rica/ El Salvador/ Honduras/ Nicaragua

  • 4:00 pm Mexico/ Panama/ Colombia/ Ecuador/ Peru
  • 5:00 PM Bolivia/ Venezuela/ Puerto Rico/ Dominican Republic/ Paraguay/ Cuba/ Chile
  • 6:00 pm Argentina/ Uruguay
  • 11:00 pm Spain

PUBG: Battlefields: Latest Map Deston and graphics alternatives available

Similar to the PUBG players: Battlegrounds in the game decline, the upgrade 18.2 is currently dropping for the gaming consoles. This brings extensive graphic alternatives for PS5 and also Xbox Series X | s.

As currently described, PUBG is reacting: Battlegrounds are extremely conscious storage use on console platforms. Consequently, the team spent a lot of time to optimize storage space usage on the consoles in order to make it possible for much better graphics options.


It was additionally feasible with the support of the platform manufacturers to compare the previous generation (PlayStation 4/4 Slim/Pro, Xbox One/One S/One X) and the present generation of gaming consoles.

As an outcome, PUBG: Battlefields now sustains resolutions approximately 4K, frametrate up to 60fps and also the opportunity to switch over in between FXAA (virtually approximates anti-aliasing) and TAA (temporal anti-aliasing).

Extended console assistance

In the April Care bundle, the group discussed the wanted graphic level, the numerous technological troubles and the factor for the delay in advancement.

A complete break down of the visuals improvements for Xbox and PlayStation consoles can be located in the table listed below:

_ Resolution priority option _.

_ On a 4K screen _.
| | ✓ | | ✓ | | ✓ | ✓.
PlayStation 5 .

_ On a 4K screen + structure price priority option _.
| | | ✓ | ✓ | | ✓ | ✓.
PlayStation 4 Pro .

_ Framerate priotity choice .
| | | ✓ | ✓ | | ✓ | ✓.
Xbox One X .
| | | ✓ | ✓ | | ✓ | ✓.
PlayStation 4 Pro .

D/A/CH Deston Sommercup: on July 25th at 7 p.m.PUBG: Battlegroundsthe launch of the most current PUBG card with the Deston Sommercup. On the cards Deston, Vikendi and also Karakin, gamers compete versus various other groups in a best-of-five duo tournament and also fight for a cash prize of 1,500 euros.
| ✓ | | | | ✓ | ✓ | ✓.
PlayStation 5 .
| | ✓ | | | ✓ | ✓ | ✓.
PlayStation 4/4 Slim | | | ✓ | | ✓ | ✓ |.

_ On a non-4k monitor _.
| Resolution | Framenate | Anti-Aliasing .
— |– |– |–
4K | QHD | FHD | 60 fps | 30 fps | fxaa | Taa .
Xbox Series X | ✓ | | | ✓ | | ✓ | ✓.
Xbox Series S | | | ✓ | ✓ | | ✓ |.
Xbox One/ One S | | | ✓ | | ✓ | ✓ |.

Xbox One X .

Console .

_ On a 4K screen + resolution priority option _.

Interested followers from the D/A/CH region can sign up below by July 24 at 7 p.m. The Deston Sommercup is additionally relayed survive the German PUBG Twitch Channel.

Xbox starts discord voice chat despite the Playstation

The Discord Voice Chat will quickly concern the Xbox Series as well as Xbox One consoles-although as a Xbox expert you currently have access to it. By doing this you can speak with good friends despite the system while playing. Xbox players can also open up the Discord application to see who is in their network and who speaks. You can also change the quantity of your pals like on the PC, which is especially valuable if your friend has the behavior of tossing your controller through the area while playing the most effective Xbox Series X games.

We still don’t recognize much regarding the partnership, however because Playstation followers can just connect their accounts, it does not look great for blue.


Naturally, this message was not well received by PlayStation followers. In 2015 Sony obtained with each other with Discord to bring closer together both platforms-something that was delayed. Sony likewise spent an unnoted quantity in the company after reports created the reality that Microsoft wished to get the system.

Given that Sony has announced to invest in Discord to bring the system to its consoles, PlayStation 5 followers have an excessive consider their watches. Nonetheless, many thanks to a brand-new agreement between the voice communication service as well as Microsoft, they will certainly wait a bit longer than their competitors.

All you need, according to the Xbox wire, is to check a QR code as soon as the function is offered in a couple of weeks, which offers you to the registration page of Discord. Below you can link your 2 accounts before you can enter into a chat with close friends with you.

Hazel Sky Stream: Hazel Sky from 7:00 p.m. on Twitch

From 7:00 p.m. you can consider the Hazel Sky Live Stream Hazel Sky and a lot more on the Xbox Series X.

If you would certainly turn on as well as welcome us to conversation, we would certainly be extremely pleased. Quickly it will certainly start

Below you can see what gets on the program today:

Go here for the stream:.

  • 20.07.2022-7:00 p.m.-Hazel Sky-Xbox Collection X.
  • Sky.

We would be extremely happy if you activate again today and also share this stream with your teams and also pals.

  1. Hazel Sky comply with on Twitch: So that you do not miss any kind of streams, we currently advise that you follow the Hazel Sky network on Twitch below and to activate the notifications.
  2. Hazel Sky stream strategy: Which streams are formerly prepared, you will always discover on Mondays in the Hazel Sky Twitch routine for the new week, where you can additionally establish up a memory.
  3. Hazel Sky Streamer: You can additionally adhere to the Hazel Sky streamers on Twitter: Xmufl & Thoridias83.

Test dEscade Academy

In May, I just uncovered two of the levels of the game. I had the ability to do the other ten as well as make fun of the problems encountered by my friend on both that I had done at the time. The chance to discover that the developers have actually maintained their promises well: each area offers a specific experience, in terms of technicians, yet over all environment. There is always an usual thread, different from that of other spaces.

To be successful in playing the video game, I was encountered with an initial problem. Escape Academy is playable in multiplayers, online or locally, however just to two gamers. My group of escape games being comprised of 3 individuals, so we needed to leave one on the floor tile.

To provide a concrete example, I happened to see a web page of a paper on the part of my partner’s screen, when he saw another. The mouse arrow is shown for the various other gamer, but startled in connection to his actual position, preventing from using it to show something. If the two players are experiencing the same experience (kinematics, dialogues, enigma) at their very own pace, the end of the game is common to the two players; So it happened that I might not consult him since my teammate passed it too promptly, while for the discussions, each player sees the text on his side.

A word ultimately on the narration of the game. The personalities are caricatured, the situations very simple… I am very desirable to the narration, but the video game is entirely missing, unlike a Mad 2 Experiment.

During each of the objectives, represented in the kind ofclasses _, the player has a main goal to achieve: to save a recorded ally, hack a computer, tag a wall surface, and so on. To achieve this, a number of intermediate actions must be taken, each identified with puzzles.



Shared satisfaction

They all take care of to transcribe the ambience of the real escape games. The designers for that reason managed to combine the best of both worlds, that of escape games and also video games.

At the time of the review, I had made a little evaluation of video game adaptations of the concept of Escape Games. Allow’s sum up: Adhering to the gigantic success of the Escape Games, the concept was offered in collections of collection ( Open !) And also in video games (Escape Simulator, Mad Experiment as well as currently Escape Academy ), each having its own proposal. Escape Academy, however, has the advantage of having an extremely effective formula.

At very first glimpse, it’s a little bit aggravating, yet it is recognized in play: in multiplayers, also on-line, the display is split as in an escape or it takes Two . If this stops having an area particularly developed to enhance communication in between players, this choice has the advantage of constantly including both individuals, while in Escape Simulator, it has happened to us that everybody is part of The enigma on its side.

This variety and this top quality always have a price: the 12 areas end in regarding 5 hrs, depending on your pace. For a little much less than 17 EUR, it remains totally affordable, particularly in comparison with the rates of real escape games, yet we would have clearly liked it a lot more. 2 packs of 5 brand-new cards are intended, one for this fall, the various other for next spring; They are organized in a seasonal pass offered EUR 12.50. It will be required to see what their quality is, yet we will certainly for that reason eventually have 22 rooms for around thirty euros, which seems completely correct.

each their method

For a little much less than 17 EUR, it stays entirely practical, specifically in contrast with the rates of real escape games, however we would have clearly liked it a lot more. My group of escape games being made up of three individuals, so we had to leave one on the ceramic tile.

As a big follower of Escape Games, I can just be satisfied with the current advancement of computer game ideal similar to this.
Everyone has their own advantages: Escape Simulator for the richness of neighborhood developments, Mad Experiment for its effective narrative measurement and Escape Academy, therefore, for the treatment and also creative thinking of their rooms.
If you are looking for the very best experience, it is in the direction of the last that you need to transform.
There are some technical worries, particularly in multiplayers, and I can’t await the video game to be improved with added rooms, but each of the rooms presently readily available is truly worth the detour.
A great experience, therefore, wishing that it is only the start of a long experience.
_ Examination made on PC by Alandring from 2 variations supplied by the author. _.

At the time of the summary, I had actually made a small assessment of video clip game adjustments of the concept of Escape Games. And in video games (Escape Simulator, Mad Experiment and also currently Escape Academy ), each having its very own proposal. The designers therefore took care of to integrate the best of both worlds, that of escape games and video games.

At Media Markt & Saturn available: Xbox Series X for slim 499.99 euros

You have been looking for a deal for the Xbox Series X for a long time, but the design is rarely available. According to the Idealo cost contrast website, they are around 29 euros in front of many other online merchants (all prices as well as information-as of July 19, 2022).

Xbox Series X at Media Markt & Saturn

_ * If you complete an acquisition by means of the web links marked with a celebrity, computer system picture receives a small compensation. Our criteria of transparency as well as journalistic freedom can be located.

You can discover attractive deals not just at Saturn and Media Markt, however likewise on other online shops. With an ideal Otto voucher, you can additionally conserve on electronic devices, clothing as well as playthings.

The Xbox Series X from Microsoft (grade 1.7) comes with an eight-core cpu, each with 3.8 gigahertz clocks and also a graphics unit with 12 teraflops.

You have been looking for an offer for the Xbox Series X for a long time, yet the version is hardly readily available. According to the Idealo rate contrast portal, they are around 29 euros in front of a lot of various other online stores (all costs as well as information-as of July 19, 2022).
| around 29 euros to the competition save **
* 4K video gaming; 1 terabyte internal SSD memory (expanding).
* Downward suitable; Including Xbox Wireless Controller.


safe and secure discount rates with voucher.

The Xbox Series X from Microsoft (grade 1.7) comes with an eight-core cpu, each with 3.8 ghz clocks and also a graphics system with 12 teraflops. 4K pc gaming with up to 120 frames per secondly is included with the Xbox Series X.

XboxDynasty Live Stream: As Dusk Falls from 6:30 p.m. on Twitch

From 6:30 p.m. you can enjoy the XboxDynasty Live Live Stream as Dusk Falls and also Forza Horizon 5 Hotwheels DLC on the Xbox Series X.

We would certainly be extremely happy if you would switch on and invite us to conversation. Quickly it will begin

Right here you can see what is on the program today:

* 19.07.2022-6:30 p.m.-as Dusk Falls-Xbox Series X.
* 19.07.2022-7:30 p.m.-Forza Perspective 5 Hotwheels DLC.
* Live.

If you transform on once again today and share this stream with your groups and good friends, we would be extremely pleased.

Visit this site for the stream:.

  1. XboxDynasty Live adhere to on Twitch: So that you do not miss out on any kind of streams, we currently recommend that you follow the XboxDynasty Live network on Twitch here and to activate the notifications.
  2. XboxDynasty Live stream plan: Which streams are formerly prepared, you will certainly always discover on Mondays in the XboxDynasty Live Twitch routine for the brand-new week, where you can additionally set up a memory.
  3. XboxDynasty Live Streamer: You can likewise adhere to the XboxDynasty Live streamers on Twitter: Xmufl & Thoridias83.

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