Based on the King’s Raid, Vespa, who has been listed as a KOSDAQ, will resign a large-scale recommendation. It is impossible to maintain more than 100 employees due to the deterioration of funds, and from the 30th, they will receive a recommendation for resignation for all employees. However, afterwards, the development of King’s Raid services and new works will continue.


A Vespa official said in a telephone interview with Game Mecca on the 1st of the company’s current situation and future plans. As mentioned earlier, it is true that the recommendation resigns is true, and he is prioritized to pay retirement payments to retired employees. The official said, As of May, there was no wage or retirement allowance, and the current status of funds is expected, so I started to apply for a recommendation resignation to apply for unemployment benefits.

Since then, he will maintain existing works such as King’s Raid and Time Defenders and continue to develop new King’s Raid 2. An official of Vespa said, It is now a stage where you are just receiving applications, so you can’t expect the size of the employee who retires. I will focus on the completion of the new King’s Raid 2.

Founded by Nexon’s crew, Vespa entered KOSDAQ in 2018 based on his first game King’s Raid. However, in 2020, the number of labor costs overlapped due to the decline in Kings Raid sales, and in February of this year, the reason for the abolition of stocks was suspended. Vespa has since canceled Shining Force IP-based development and sold its subsidiary Spring Bus to One Mules under Wijem Games.