As component of an advertising campaign for the brand-new superhero film Thor: Love and Thunder, Marvel has actually coordinated with Microsoft. The result is a special Xbox Series X in Mjölnir design.

with the gods: You have to see this Xbox!

On July 6, 2022, Thor: Love and Thunder will begin the following large Marvel smash hit in German cinemas. In maintaining with the very early release, the main Xbox twitter account provided an Xbox Series X in the legendary design of Thors Hammer Mjölnir

To do this, interested users only have to share the tweet as well as follow the Xbox Twitter account. The remainder of the globe is however left out from the competitors. .

There are some amazed custom-made designs, yet It is hardly ever so great to comply. And also particularly American Xbox followers can be pleased, because Microsoft is giving away the special console till July 21, 2022.

cosy controller & rustic consoles

For Microsoft this is not the very first collaboration with a movie studio. At the start of the year there was, for instance, a special Xbox Series S in Sonic design. In this situation, both fluffy controllers , which were based upon hero Sonic and challenger Knuckles, were particularly striking.

Mentioning fluffy, if you have actually missed our article to the most likely ugliest Xbox controller worldwide , then you must transform the quickest-after that, every various other layout will certainly occur to you like a genuine job of art:

But certainly not just the Xbox and the involved controller from modder is decorated in every possible means, The PlayStation is likewise a prominent basis for impressive re-designs.

Among other things, this PlayStation in the look of The Last of United States on Instagram viral:

The console was so well obtained, that the musician needed to show their credibility since some users just could not think that the outstanding piece of modern technology was actual.

As component of an advertising campaign for the brand-new superhero movie Thor: Love and Thunder, Marvel has actually teamed up with Microsoft. The rest of the world is unfortunately omitted from the competition. In this instance, the two cosy controllers , which were based on hero Sonic and challenger Knuckles, were especially striking.