Escape Academy offers you to take a series of quests in the prestigious Escape Academy. Some of these tests can be difficult for a single fugitive, so you may be interested in whether you can bring a friend and play a local multiplayer game or on a divided screen in Escape Academy.

Can you play Escape Academy on a separated screen or in a local multi-user mode?

Answer Yes You can play on a separated screen or in a local multiplayer mode at the Academy of Escape. This is a great function for those who prefer to sit side by side during the game. Escape Academy also supports the mouse, keyboard and controller, so you can play with what is more convenient for you.

If you do not have local friends with whom you could play, you can also play online with a cross game that works similarly to a separate screen. When playing for a friend, you get an additional brain to solve puzzles, as well as a friend to enjoy the delicious Escape Academy game process.

How to play on a separated screen in Escape Academy

Playing with a friend on a separated screen in Escape Academy is incredibly simple. In the main menu, select play and then local multiplayer . Having done this, you can start a new game or choose an existing one, connect a mouse and a keyboard or controllers and jump to Escape Academy on a magnificent separated screen.

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