On the 27th, Dracania is awakened.

On the 16th, Pearl Abyss first unveiled a trailer and battle videos for Awakening Dracania. Dracania is a black desert’s great sword knight class that was very popular with its launch in April.

The awakening Dracania, which was released this time, is a class that can be flight in accordance with the concept of ‘spread the wings of the dragon’. If the flight of the class Ran, a famous flight technology, is an elegant flight, the Awakening Dracania’s flight has a more aggressive and destructive tendency.


Awakening Dracania is a class that can be converted to ‘form’, and it is characterized by a different battle depending on the conveyed form. The foam is classified as ‘Mine’, which is not comfortable with its wings, and ‘gray’ and ‘ash’ form with wings. In the case of ‘Mine’, the fast and sophisticated battles will be prioritized, and ‘gray’ and ‘ash’ can be attacked in a wide range.

The news was unveiled at the first Voice of Adventurers Seoul (VOA). VOA is a user communication event where Pearl Abyss visit adventurers directly from 2019 for black desert adventurers. The VOA Seoul was held at the Seoul Wave Art Center in the Han River, and will continue its VOA event to visit users around the world.