The dedication begins today with great streamer entering this competition but what is the dedication? It is an event/series in Minecraft ogranized by LG DED where different streamers participate to survive different challenges to seek maximum glory, players must survive and help each other to last the whole month. In the first season, every week there was an important event, a Boss Fight. In the end, all those who have survived until that moment had to face the clown who was the enemy to beat.


Surprise roulette

The roulette is a random event that indicates that something will change: this includes new and stronger mobs, modification of the environment, sudden events, important notices. Many tell him the mortal wheel because when things come out complicated for the inhabitants of the town more complicating the situation we see.

All participants

Now with a new edition and more participants things could be complicated or benefiting depending on the alliances that can be given during the dedication, to give a little more Hype we present to the participants who will be looking to survive for a whole month to be able to defeat to the malevolent clown.


The event begins today with a standard schedule for different countries

  • 3:00 pm Guatemala/ Costa Rica/ El Salvador/ Honduras/ Nicaragua

  • 4:00 pm Mexico/ Panama/ Colombia/ Ecuador/ Peru
  • 5:00 PM Bolivia/ Venezuela/ Puerto Rico/ Dominican Republic/ Paraguay/ Cuba/ Chile
  • 6:00 pm Argentina/ Uruguay
  • 11:00 pm Spain