It is a time of fiscal results, and now it touches Nintendo, who have made public the data of the last quarter, and the totals in their software and hardware. The main thing is that Nintendo Switch loses some bellows, but not much. The hybrid machine of the Great N continues to reap spectacular data and continues strongly in the fight to become the best-selling console in history.

The financial report of the Japanese firm reflects that since its launch, and as of June 30, 2022, Nintendo Switch has sold a total of 111.08 million consoles. A huge amount that shows the success of the machine worldwide.


A small downturn

If we take previous periods as a reference, the last quarter has sold 3.34 million consoles. A figure 22.9% worse than in the same period of the previous year , but that is mainly due to the semiconductor crisis that we are living throughout the planet. Even so, they consider that demand is still stable in all regions.

In the face of the coming months, from Nintendo they estimate that after summer the acquisition of components improves, which would give a clearer perspective with respect to the production for the remaining calendar year.

Good data in software

As for games sold, the figure that the machine has harvested in recent months is nothing negligible, with 41.41 million also sold to the indicated date. It emphasizes that the best-selling game in this period is Nintendo Switch Sports , the spiritual successor of Wii Sports, which has reached the houses of 4.84 million of people.

Other recent releases have had some continuity, such as Mario Strikers with 1.91 million copies and Kirby and the forgotten earth, with 1.88 . For its part, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe follows his with 1.48 million more, which endorses him as the best selling game of Nintendo Switch .