The Xbox Series S is a fantastic console for the public. At an accessible price of $ 299, many have the opportunity to enjoy everything that this generation has for us. However, with a lower CPU and GPU compared to X series, developers usually have to face various problems by optimizing experiences for this console. Fortunately, A new update makes this process easier.

Recently, a software update for the Xbox Series S development kits was released, which releases more memory for developers to access the Xbox Series S Games and increases performance in certain titles. This was what was said about it:

Hundreds of additional memory megabytes are now available for Xbox Series S. developers, this provides developers more control over memory, which can improve the performance of graphics in limited memory conditions.

Although the X series is able to run at 1440p and up to 120FPS, most titles are available at only 1080p and 60fps. This is mainly because the console has only 10GB of RAM, of which only 8GB can be used, so that the other 2GB are used by the operating system. Fortunately, The additional memory of the update will increase the visual capacity of future titles.

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Editor’s note:

As a user of the Xbox Series S, I have to say that the console is capable of much more than one could think. Although clearly much falls to developers, this hardware piece is capable of running new generation game, with Ray-Training and more, in great way.