To perform Fatal Fashionista Challenge, players need to complete the following main tasks:

  • Born a woman in Italy
  • Become a fashion designer
  • Kill 3+ employees
  • Poison the spouse
  • Bribe policemen to avoid arrest

Bitlife is easy to complete the Fatal Fashionista Challenge if you know how to achieve each goal in this task. Start by creating a female character from Italy and then perform the following actions.

How to be born a woman in Italy-Bitlife?

To be born a woman in Italy, just create a character, choose a female floor as a floor and choose any city from Italy as Palermo or Pisa as your **** place of birth.

How to become a fashion designer in Bitlife?

To become a fashion designer in Bitlife, you need to have a character with high parameters of smart stats. When creating your character, make sure that he has a very high intelligence rating, about 90% or higher, if not, throw it until you find such a life. Maintain your quick wits during the school period, visiting the library or using the Learn more zealous option. After that, submit an application to the university with a degree in graphic design. As soon as you get a degree, look for a position with the title junior fashion designer in the work section.

How to kill 3+ employees in Bitlife?

To kill your colleagues in Bitlife, you must be employed in the first place. By this time, you should already get a fashion designer in the game. So, go to the Action tab and click on the Crime function. Now choose the murder and choose one of your colleagues as a victim. Repeat the task in total four times to fulfill the target. Events > Crime > Murder > Colleague at work > Select the Murder method .

How to poison the spouse in Bitlife?

To poison your spouse in Bitlife, you must be married. Use dating applications to find someone and establish a relationship with him. After the wedding, kill them, taking them in balance. Events > Crime > Murder > wife > poison .

How to bribe cops in Bitlife?

You can give a bribe to any policeman when he tries to arrest you on any criminal prosecution. It will be difficult for players to bribe police officers on charges of murder, as they will completely ignore this and put you in jail. Thus, it is better to give a bribe to the policeman after the commission of minor crimes, such as robbery , Pirates on the porch or store theft . Fulfill the specific goal before committing any murder.

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