After the success of ‘Monmont’, ‘Social Deition Game’ was in a hurry. The problem is that most of these ‘mafia’ games have been similar. Even when Dubbium informed the public, gamers thought it would be a similar game. The words commonly heard are ‘AAA-class fishmonts’ and ‘3D mafia game’. However, ‘Dubi’ is different from opening the lid. It’s not a little different, but it’s completely different. StarCraft and Warcraft are also the same RTS, but as the game is different, Du Beeum is something different from the works that have been released so far.

■ It is not ‘reckless’, but ‘moving your mind’
** Q. First, I want to ask this. Why is it’mus studio? ‘

= When you hear the studio name, everyone asks. I usually think of it as one of them (laughs). Because they are reckless people, or are you not in the Representative?

The name of the Mosudio is named from Latin. ‘Mutatio Motus’ means ‘moving your mind’. Literally, I wanted to develop such a game, but considering the way we walked, it seems that the reckless people.

Q. In 2019, four people gathered together to start the studio. How did you get together?

= Everybody met in the industry. CEO Hyun and Park Joon-young have been known since they were in society, and when they made a boxing game at Cocosoft, I learned about Jeon Ha-woong. Later, when I developed a boxing star at 4:33, I met Lim Hyun-woo AD, and after I learned, I continued to interact with each other in 2019 to start a mosquito studio.

Q. As a result, the industry is quite unusual. It’s been a person who walked only the boxing game before Dubbi, but I only made a boxing game. Why is this work not a boxing game?

= Everyone thinks we like boxing, but it’s not really that. The first time I was planning the game, the iPhone came out and I showed the control using the swipe in the fruit ninja.

Originally, it started as a light casual game, but as the game was unexpectedly solved, the sequel development needs continued, and I made a boxing game for nearly 10 years after riding the flow. Nowadays, I want to make other games other than boxing.

Q. 4:33 If you are a developer with a name value, is there a reason for starting a studio?

= After the development of the boxing star, I thought of the next project, and I envisioned the current project, Dubi. Perhaps it was about 2018. There was a problem here, and we hoped that Dubum would be made as a PC package game. However, ‘4:33’ was a company that focused on mobile game services, and it was difficult to actually proceed with the project. In the end, opinions gathered to make our own studio.

** Q. It would be a time when I was released in 2018, but it was not so famous.

= At that time we didn’t know anything about it. Rather, it is more likely influenced by ‘Dead Bai Dale Raite’ rather than the Epmons. We wanted to put the concept of changing the rules in real time on Devade’s asymmetric competitive multiplayer, and at the same time, we aimed for a game that was easy to see as you play. Because these two thoughts would be a future trend at the time.

If a fair competitive game stream gives you a sport, we’ve envisioned a game where you can see streaming as if you were watching the entertainment. The plan was to be a game where the rule continued to change, and the rule continued to change, and in the meantime, the game participants would be able to act and act in the game.

■ ‘Dubi’ is not just a mafia game

Q. So let’s talk about ‘Dubium’. Perhaps the most confusing part of the user is that the difference is from social depot games such as existing mafia games and earmonts. Can you explain?

= If the games of the general mafia rules find and kill each other, or to be attacked and died first, Dubi is different from this key rules.

The game of Dubbee is composed of five ‘front tier’, and is dispatched to repair space stations and facilities and recover the abandoned resources in the facility. The problem is that one of them is a traitor buying with another, and the traitor’s purpose is to read and escape the resources to be recovered, not the repair of the facility.

Therefore, the game can proceed without killing or dying. If the traitor is good at mutation, he or she can deceive everyone, keep resources alone, escape, win, and get on contact with other front tiers in earnest, or to induce end-division between other front tiers.

Q. Does the resources supplied in the game make sense outside the game?

= ‘Keystone’ (certain resource), which was escaped from the game, is exchanged for in-game goods and is used for decorating elements or account growth. Because the compensation system is certain, the traitor keeps the resource securing and escaping, and the Frontier will keep the proposition of escape after repairing facilities and securing resources.


Q. Then, if the traitor is discovered too quickly, will the game be ruined?

= Two devices are ready. First of all, the traitor does not know who is unless he is found to assassinate someone or to sabo. And if you attack someone without knowing who you are, you will be a criminal and you will not be able to resurrect one time. If you do not have the right evidence, even if the target is a real traitor, you will be a criminal.

For this reason, Frontier should be cautious in attack even if he suspects someone as a traitor. If you don’t have one, you may be suspected of being a traitor with a big risk.

Secondly, when the traitor is discovered early and dies, some kinds of calls come to the Frontier with the largest number of keystones at that time. ‘Blaman’, who bought the traitor, called and asked, ‘Can you play that role instead?’ Of course you can refuse.

In this case, the most familiar gamers are the most familiar gamers in the game, so the best talent becomes a traitor. No one can slow down. Of course, it may be rejected and four people may head to the ending after repairing the facility, but the merit of reading resources is so large that psychological dilemma is created.

Q. Wait, did you say there is a ‘resurrection’ feature? Can there be a resurrection in social depot games?

All Frontier, including the betrayer, can be revived only once without criminals. We aimed at the emotional change of gamers through this resurrection. If you are killed in the game, you can be killed by a weapon that is randomly placed on the site, or ‘assassination’ that can only be used by traitors.. The traitor is also resurrected if he is not a criminal (who has attacked other people), so he can deliberately stimulate his opponent with a weapon and drive his opponent as a traitor.

However, ‘assassination’ is a little different, and in situations where the system panel is manipulated or repaired, the point of view is forced to become a first person and cannot be confirmed. At this time, if you are assassinated by the traitor, you can not know who killed me after death. Of course, forced assassination, which approaches and turns around the front of the past, is used only in the last situation because you can see who is a traitor.

In fact, in the test, such a perfect assassination or innocent player was confirmed that the play style changed dramatically after the resurrection. In the event of death, most gamers became extremely angry because they lost all the resources collected, and because of the fact that gamers who were somewhat wary were suspicious of all, or even if someone approached, they responded by aiming from the gun.

In addition, if you die during the game, the voice chat will be cut off, which was not expected, but it showed a slightly different effect. Isn’t there a scene where you can exchange radio with each other and suddenly be silent at some point. As the creepy rises, I feel as if I am in the real scene.

Q. Wasn’t the traitor grabbed a gun and killed all others with extreme physicals?

= Systematically possible. However, it is not easy to kill anyone with a gun unless you have a serious damage to the gun and there is no concept of headshot, so you don’t shoot two feet behind your back. In addition, killing one person will naturally become a criminal, which is only suspected.

Even if you kill all the remaining front tier, the game is forced to enter the self-defense sequence if only one frontier remains, and only a short escape time is given. In the end, if you want to get something a little bit, you have to give up and escape the potential rewards that you can get.

Q. Who was the best betrayal of the person in front? (Laughter)

= Lim Hyun-woo AD…

Interestingly, each gay when you play