Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) announced on the 19th that it donated more than 70 million won donations to the Purme Foundation (Chairman Kang Ji-won) to provide medical support for children with disabilities.

Earlier, Nexon held a fundraiser-type donation event, a fundraising event for employee ID, from July 25 to 29, to create an in-house sharing culture with employees and the company.

The second-time WEEK, which was held for the second time since last year, doubled the company’s total fundraising and doubled, and this year, Nexon delivered the same amount to the Purme Foundation with the same amount to about 35 million won raised by employees.

Donation is scheduled to be used as the Purme Foundation’s ‘Miracle Hands’ Campaign Fund. The donation campaign will be used as a donation fund, which is raised through ‘WEEK’, as a fund for the operation of children with disabilities.

Nexon Korea Vice President Kim Jung-wook (Chairman of the Nexon Foundation) said, I hope that the warm donations gathered with the participation of the people will be a valuable addition to children with disabilities who are in desperate need of rehabilitation. We will continue our donation activities for children and adolescents.


Meanwhile, the Nexon and Nexon Foundation are carrying out various social contribution activities such as expanding medical facilities for children and adolescents who do not reach their hands.