On August 22, HOYOVERSE has released some updates for Harajin ver.3.0 Thousand Roses telling the dawn. Ver.3.0 distribution is scheduled after maintenance on August 24. The new area Smile is implemented along with the distribution. In addition to increasing the number of teams that can be stored to 10, the resonance effect of the water element will be reviewed.

Harajin is an open world action RPG designed by Chinese game development company Mihoyo. In Ver.3.0 Thousand Roses that tells the dawn, the fourth regional smares following Monde/Rizuki/Lightning appear in the world of Harajin. The character of the grass element is also a new playable, and a new adventure set in a forest and desert will be developed. The update information released on August 22 revealed detailed adjustments and corrections, including such large topics.

First, in Harajin ver.3.0, the upper limit of the number of teams stored on the team formation screen is changed to 10 frames. In Harajin, the number of teams that could be stored on the team formation screen from the time of the distribution started remained four. On the other hand, the number of playable characters has increased significantly, and the number of battle content such as bosses and unexplored areas on the field has also increased. Since the number of teams that could be saved for the increase in characters and battle content was the same, the team’s frame was not enough, such as replacing the party members one by one according to the situation. In the update on August 24, expanding from the conventional 4 to 10 frames will eliminate the shortage at a stretch. Team management functions are also added in team formation. From team management, it seems that quick operation can be performed, such as dissolving the formation team. To relieve the number of frames, adjustments from 45 to 60 of the number of friends increased.

With the playable of the grass element, which is a large additional element in Ver.3.0, the element resonance effect of the grass element has also been found. Element resonance is a buff effect that is activated when two or more characters of the same element are organized into a team. The grass-based resonance effect vine grass increases the element familiar with 50 if it is activated first. Furthermore, when burning/raw intensification/flowering reaction occurs, the elements of all surrounding teams have increased by 30 for 6 seconds. When super-intensified/grassy/ultra-flowering/reunion flores are caused, the elements of all surrounding teams will increase by 20 for 6 seconds. The buff continuation time is independent for each effect, so it is expected that elements are added. If you put grass elements and elements, you may be in options.

In addition to the disclosure of grass element resonance, adjustments to water and lightning element resonance have been revealed. After Ver3.0, if water element resonance is being activated, the HP upper limit will increase by 25 %, while the effect of reducing the attachment time of the flame element. In the conventional water element resonance effect, the healing effect received by 30 %, but the effective situations were limited. By changing to an increase in the HP limit, water element resonance may also be an option when using an attacker that depends on the maximum HP. And the conventional effect remains the same for the thunder source resonance effect. From Ver3.0, even when a raw intensification/super intensification/super flowering reaction occurs, thunder element particles are generated.

For detailed adjustments, the movement on complex terrain of characters with special mobile motion such as Mona/Yaran/Ayaka Kamisato has been improved. In the Sky Cup of the sacred relics, the main status of the main status appears in accordance with the appearance of the grass element. Additions will be performed by lowering the probability of appearance of the main status/HP %/attack power %. In addition, although it is the content of the previous report, the conversion destination of the function Holy Remains that can recycle the sacred relics has increased. The sacred relics of lightning/wind/flame/rock/ice/water elements are added, and a total of 10 types of sacred relics are available through the sacred races. In addition, please check the official website for the full text, such as the voice adjustment of some characters.


Harajin is being distributed for PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5/PC/iOS/Android. Ver.3.0 Thousand Roses that tell the dawn will be distributed on August 24.