The chant , the new third-person action adventure framed in the genre of psychedelic terror, already hpsychedelic a launch date on PC , PS5 and Xbox Series X | S . This hpsychedelic been announced by Prime Matter through a new gameplay trailer, confirming that his new title will be available on November 2, 2022 **. Recall that The Chant is a thriller for a player who takes place in a spiritual retreat in the middle of an island that will be besieged by monstrous creatures thirsty for blood.

The cosmic terror of The Chant already hpsychedelic a date

What wpsychedelic a quiet weekend soon becomes a nightmare when a group song invokes the gloom, a terrifying psychedelic dimension that feeds on negative energy. Interact with several characters, it reveals the intricate history of the island and presence the frightening revelations about the cosmos. Only you can fight the creatures, repsychedelicon with the survivors and unravel the legacy of a sect of the 70s to reverse the ritual, says its official description .

In addition, The Chant will bet on a narrative very careful through several characters to interact; We can even use weapons and spectacular powers, in addition to collecting and managing resources to deal with such dangerous threats. Its very various situations , on the other hand, will encourage us to face the different challenges both through direct action and by stealth.

A horror and action adventure in the third person for a player who takes place in a spiritual retreat to an island. To survive, you will have to manufacture tools, fight and escape the psychedelic horrors triggered by a failed ritual that invokes a terrifying cosmic dimension. The Chant will reach PC , PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series x | s On November 2, 2022 **.