A porting of the renowned Valkyrie Profile Lenneth in its PSP version will additionally be available on September 29 on the PlayStation consoles, with new unpublished features, such as quick backup, in reverse and also the presence of aesthetic filters.

It will most likely be possibleId’aitan prior to purchasingfor Valkyrie Elysium. Constantly all set to siphon the PlayStation Shop database looking for secret additions, PlayStation Game Size discovered Logos and images mentioning a demonstration for the following character of the Valkyrie Profile saga.


Back from the Valhalla in the type of an action-RPG, the video game will certainly be centered on the Odyssey of Maria, a new Valkyrie with a green eyes which will additionally evolve under the threat of an impending Ragnarok, this time around. She will certainly have to challenge Fenrir, the wolf heralding the end of the world, who himself follows the order of a Valkyrie Renegate. It is the Japanese Sunlight studio, also embarked on the Wanted experience: Dead, which is in charge of this task anticipated from September 29 on PS4 as well as PS5 (with totally free upgrade), prior to initiating a defector on PC for November 11.