The Mafia series is celebrating its 20th birthday this year. In the meanwhile, the series includes three different titles, along with definitive versions for all video games that act as a type of remaster. The series was able to build an actual fan base over the years, but also for lots of gamers the very first mafia still remains the absolute fave.

Mafia protect free of charge on Steam

If you have actually not yet had the ability to play this fan favorite, after that 2K has a respectable offer for you: from September 1st to September 5th of this year you can obtain the initial mafia on Steam totally free. Normally the title costs 9.99 euros, and if you intend to think the roughly 6,000 user evaluations on Steam, it is constantly worth this cost. Nobody must miss out on the game entirely free of charge.

In enhancement to the initial mafia, there are currently some a lot more free video games for you on Steam. For instance, a prolonged free weekend for Age of Realms 4, along with a free advocate Battle Dust of Raptor Laboratory runs. We have summarized what else there is and also just how you can secure the deals for you in a separate article.

For the 20th birthday of the Mafia series, 2K has a couple of more things in store. For instance, a competition is presently underway, in which you can win the original score to Mafia 3 as plastic. All you need to do is share a tweet of 2K with the linked hashtag. All policies for the competitors are additionally included in the tweet. In enhancement, 2K revealed in a current interview that function on a totally new mafia video game started. Far, nevertheless, they have actually not been able to share even more information.

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The Mafia series is celebrating its 20th birthday celebration this year. The series was able to construct a genuine follower base over the years, however for numerous players the extremely first mafia still continues to be the absolute favorite.

For the 20th birthday celebration of the Mafia series, 2K has a few more things in store.