It is difficult to say if the amazon prime rings of Power series is 100% absolutely connected to Peter Jackson’s respective trilogies. But one thing is safe: the program is a success. The most fascinating part is that although Rings of Power shares a couple of characters from the original trilogies (although with different talents of action in those roles), much of the story is very far from what we see in the movies. After all, an entire era takes place before. But, before immersing ourselves in flesh and real potatoes, some context is needed.

In the second drift episode, Elton travels to Khazad-Dum (or Moria, as he will be called later) in search of the famous dwarf crafts to work in a project of high secret with Lord Celibrimbor. Tradition enthusiasts will notice that it is about the elaboration of possible power rings, since Celebrator was very involved in his forge. Finally, we find members of During’s Folk (including King During himself) and before he concludes our time in Khazad-Dum, we see King During looking over a box with a mysterious brilliant object inside (which will undoubtedly be revealed in a different rings). Power episode). So let’s talk about potentially What is in the King During’s box in the power rings?

What is in the King During’s box?

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First, it should be noted that, at least at the time of publication, the content of the box is still unknown. These are theories that use knowledge of Peter Jackson’s respective trilogies, as well as Tolkien’s tradition, so it is pure speculation. Regardless, here are the three most likely theories considering all things:

The stone of the Arden

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Upon seeing the episode scene again, you could distinguish a kind of ill expression of paranoia on the face of King During. Although it could be argued that dwarves are usually greedy by nature, this aspect has a surprising resemblance to Thorn Oaken shield, the dear of the dwarf throne in El Hobbit’s films. Specifically, he was surpassed by greed and obsession when he tried to recover the Freestone.

The object in question was the gleaming relic of During’s lineage, of the Smug dragon that had been installed in the Error Dwarf Fortress. The idea behind this was that you would give Thorn the power/right to unite all the clans of dwarves under a single flag. The jewel was so precious to Thorn that he was later buried with her when he died after the battle of the five armies.


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Although this is the only entry into this list that does not appear in Jackson’s trilogies, it is never less important, and it is worth considering. The Ismail (s) were three unique and invaluable jewels that originated in the first age. For anyone who is more versed in the books, this is where the collection of short stories, the Silmarillion, receives its name.

Specifically, in Tolkien’s tradition, the Salaries were jewels linked to the origin of Valor, the universe, as well as the breeds of elves, dwarves and men (all of whom fought for these jewels for a long time). However, as they said they were completely hidden, this is also less likely. However, it should be taken into account that the aforementioned Freestone basically assumed the aesthetics and purpose of these legendary jewels in Hobbit movies.


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Of all possibilities, Mikhail is the most likely for several reasons. Taking into account the aforementioned greed by which the dwarves were known, it would be logical to think that the same Mythic mineral on which Moria is something that is not too much anxious to share. After all, Mythic was so incredibly rare that the dwarves considered it a very coveted resource and had no interest in sharing it.

The Mythic, once harvested, also had an incredible bright, almost translucent tone and was, to quote Bilbo Baggins in Fellowship of the ring, light as a pen and as hard as the scales of a dragon. Starting from that, this would also be a call to the Mikhail shirt (shown above) that Thorn Oaken shield gave Bilbo, which at the same time passed it to his nephew of him Frodo.

There you have it.
Those are the most likely objects for What is within the mysterious box of King Duran? .
The content will probably be revealed at some point during the remaining six episodes that will be launched in the coming weeks.
Surely there will be many other mysteries, general questions and Easter eggs.
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