In Platoon 3 there is a locker room where each player has his own locker. You can decorate your cabinet with cosmetics purchased in Atlantis, a universal store. But you can quickly find that you are not enough space, especially when you begin to unlock the weapon, so how do you get a larger locker in Platoon 3?


How to change the size of the cabinet in Platoon 3

To get a larger cabinet in Platoon 3, you must play online games until you reach the 15th level. This is the only way to increase the size of the cabinet. Just continue to play the game until you reach the necessary level.

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This may turn out to be somewhat complicated due to a communication error that knocks you out of online matches, but the transition to the 15th level will not take you so much time. And soon you will have an additional space to show the world your aesthetic nature.

How to change the color of the cabinet in Platoon 3

You can get a cabinet of a different color in Platoon 3 purely by accident. You must go to Atlantis (a universal store) and see if there is a random update of stocks of a colored cabinet that you can buy. If not, you must wait for daily discharge and double-check the goods. Perhaps you are unlucky for some time, but in the end a colored cabinet will appear, so copy coins in case you miss a chance!

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