One of Microsoft’s current Blizzard acquisition issue is whether the Call of Duty monopoly is monopoly. Microsoft has shown that Sony has proposed to extend the contract of providing Call of Duty for three years, but it is unclear after that. In the meantime, EA CEO caught the eye by saying that Call of Duty’s opaque situation would be a great opportunity for the battlefield.

CEO EA Andrew Wilson revealed its position on the current status and prospects of its game business through a conference call with the Gold Magnetic Sachs on the 14th. Among them, the eye-catching mention of the Battlefield series. Wilson said, If you have a question about the Call of Duty Future due to a certain model or not, I think it will be a great opportunity for a battlefield that supports a complete cross-platform, not on the platform.

However, to do this, it is necessary to raise the competitiveness of the Battlefield series, which has been struggling. Wilson said that the two games have not delivered the goal of the recent game and have a lot to do. He added that good IP is flexible, and like the movie Star Wars, the game IP can happen again if a good crew participates.

He also said that there is an excellent and ambitious development team in Battlefield. EA announced on the 9th that it established Ridge Line Games, a new developer that produces a story-centered campaign based on the Battlefield worldview. This studio is led by Halo co-producer Marcus Lento. The developer is dedicated to the story campaign, and DICE develops multiplayer content. Based on a series of efforts, the key is whether EA can achieve what it wants in the Battlefield series.