Being fast in League of Legends is something that everyone knows; Speed is always appreciated at all levels and many of the great professionals take into account this when choosing a champion. Many already know the fastest characters in the crack with all the skills to the fullest and with the full build, leaving hilarious moments in the crack that has taken us more than a smile.

However, very few know the opposite: What is the slowest champion of all League of Legends? The answer is easy to answer, but it is very surprising to see who the winners of this competition are since precisely They are not characters that are on their own foot.


The slowest character in the whole game has a great but

If we go to the basic statistics and without adding boots , because what we want to know is who is the slowest person of LOL without any help, we see that it is Fill The winner with 250 of movement speed … although it has a great but: it only obtains this speed when it is outside its steed , a very precise moment that occurs very rarely and that is more regular to be mounted in its pet. And when she is on top of this, she becomes a truly fast champion, reaching 335 movement speed.

If we remove passive issues, the winner is clear and there is no difference: LED . It is quite surprising and paradoxical to see that the Cascarrabias rider is located as the slowest character seeing that he is riding with Karl , which first seemed to be somewhat faster than Wordle himself.

However, it is true that led increases his speed with his definitive and has skills to get ahead of anyone thanks to his e, so we have chosen to investigate which character would be the slowest including the skills. There are several with 325 movement speed that have skills to move They do not have a skill as such that gives them a faster movement.

On the other hand we find Anita , which also sins of being too slow in most occasions and suffers quite a lot of lines. There are several champions that their slowness have caused a metajuego exit, but if there are something that these champions have as virtue it is their damage. The intention of Aphelia or the cryogenic will be to kill the enemy before they come to their forehead and make them disappear from two skills.