Pixel Co., Ltd. announced on September 26 the action shooting game Ancherantligger . The compatible platform will be released in Nintendo Switch in 2023.

Ancient Bigger is an action shooting game called Similar 3D2DSTG-style 3DSTG. It is said that Mia and Sheryl, an adventure activity by two protagonists with chemo ears, will be developed in a pseudo-3D style expression that combines 2D animation and 3D. For the developer pixel, it will be a slightly modern style different from usual.

In the top teaser trailer released this time, it can be said that this work will be a back scroll-type shooting game where the hero shoots enemies while running and flying. According to Pixel, this work is a tribute to the 1980s pseudo-3D shooting games, such as Space Harrier, Burning Force and Night Striker, but aims for something new. I have nostalgia in various meanings. He also commented on the difficulty of gameplay, I’m not going to be very difficult, but it’s true… It seems that the production of the first half of the trailer was produced with anime in the 1980s and 1990s, especially the space opera.

The director of this work is in charge of Eight Safari, President of Pixel. And Illustrator Akihito Timur, known for Annam’s Fang Beasts Zodiac Two Gods Legends, Alpha and Emerald Dragon, works on character design. Former Cap com Atari AITA, who has been involved in Ogam, Breath of Fire III, Resident Evil, and Vampire Hunter, will provide songs.

The Ancient Bigger is scheduled to be released in 2023 for Nintendo Switch.