Fiumicino Masada , director of Nigh , has eliminated any possibility that either of the two games of the Team Ninja saga arrive at some point at Xbox consoles. The news has arrived through an interview with VGC conducted within the framework of the Games com although recently published in the British media.

There is really nothing to highlight about it, said Masada. «Currently, there are not really too many possibilities of having Nigh on Xbox platforms, but we hope that Xbox fans enjoy TO Long and look forward to the departure of that game. That is probably everything we can say about it at this time ».

In fact, it should be remembered that this To Long: Fallen Dynasty , whose last gameplay was seen a little mess ago and already gave very good vibrations, it will come out of Game Pass when it premieres in early 2023. Masada himself He explains that the Xbox subscription service can be a great promoter of the multiplayer online of the game.


«We are very happy that so many players will have the opportunity to try a Team Ninja title potentially for the first time with TO Long. But just because I am in Game Pass, we have not gone to change ‘XYZ’… That is not something we have done in the development team, said the director. «But what we think is very positive by having the game at Game Pass is that with so many new players trying it, that will help the _online community to potentially grow, and then there will be many more players to play online or play together in the Multiplayer aspects of the game. So we hope that keeps the community in a good place and that it thrives ».

TO Long: Fallen Dynasty will be published in early 2023 for Xbox One , Xbox Series X and S , PS4 , PS5 and PC . It will be available through Game Pass.