[ Moon Byung-soo reporter] ‘Summers War: The Arena of Heaven’ achieved cumulative sales of 3 trillion won.

Comes (CEO Song Jae-won, Lee Johan) announced on the 30th that Summers War has surpassed 3 trillion won in sales at the end of September this year, proving the world’s popularity and long-term success in mobile game IP.

Summers War, which has gained evenly in Asia and Western since its launch in April 2014 and June 2014, has achieved an additional 1 trillion won in 2 years and 10 months since November 2019, when sales achieved 2 trillion won in sales, and long runs of mobile games We have confirmed the life cycle and sustainable growth.

Summers War has been successful in the world for more than eight years and has constantly broken his record. It recorded 10 million downloads in a month after the start of global service, and exceeded 100 million downloads in 2019 and 160 million downloads in June this year. In addition to the three regions that have been achieved this year, it has reached No. 1 sales in 93 countries around the world, and has entered the top 10 sales in 143 countries.

The growth of Summers War is based on strategic updates and close communication with users. We have introduced various contents that have improved the fun of collection and strategic development and systems that meet the needs of the world users. Monsters, the core content of Summers War, have also been newly introduced, and 11.7 species have been added every year.

Comes plans to further develop the value of IP to further strengthen the brand power of Summers War. The company is introducing various new games based on the worldview that covers 150 years, and expands to various contents such as light novel, webtoon, comics, and animation, and continues to grow as a leading K-game to lead the world culture beyond Korea. I’m going to do it.