For humans, the only certainty of life is death. The Sims 4, although it tries to simulate reality, does not comply with the natural law of grim berry. There are many ways for your sim to live as much as you want . Then I reveal them all so that you become the longest being in your entire city.

How to be immortal in the Sims 4?

There are several ways to get your SIM almost immortal in the Sims 4. Some methods are totally legal and are made within the game and others require tricks and commands. The good thing about the second is that you do it immediately, but you take away the emotion of carrying out the former.

Become a vampire

Immortality is not free, compitruene. If you have the expansion of the vampires, then you can become one of them to be immortal… at least first. Your physical, mental and magical abilities will improve, but remember that there are (few) ways to die. The sun is your worst enemy. For the rest, to live a crazy life of blood and nightlife.

potion of youth

Immortality is not free, I have already told you. If you thought becoming a vampire, it was expensive, wait to see how to get the youth potion . Open the aspiration section and look for the Rewards Store, where this potion should be. What exactly does it do? Restart your life stage and keep you in it. Costs 1500 satisfaction points . It is not what we could say cheap, but it works.

travel in time at one time

The payment options are over, and we went to the tricks. First open the command console:

PC *: Control + Shift + C.
PS4/PS5 : L1 + L2 + R1 + R2.
Xbox One/Series | S : LB + LT + RB + RT.

Now introduce the testing cheats True command and then CAS. Fulleditmode. When these two commands are activated, select the character you want to edit and select the option modify in US . The character creation window with all available parameters opens. Modify your age and any other option you want and voilà. If he is old, he can be a young man again. Just go back in time your character, not your progress.

Old age? What is that?

Let’s say you are as vague as me and you are lazy to do the first two methods and introduce codes every two by three. No problem! We remove old age. Dead the dog, the rabies is g1. Open the console as I have indicated in the previous method and introduce the aging off code. Old age will disappear and you will not be able to die as old, but in the rest of possible ways. Your Sim will stay forever in the stage you are.

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