It seems that the movie version of the film version told me in an interview that multiple related works of the horror game Silent Hill have been developed. US IGN and others report.

Silent Hill is a horror game series released by INAMI Digital Entertainment (hereinafter INAMI). As a numbering work, the first work released for PlayStation in 1999 to the fourth work released in 2004. In addition, several studios have been released by several studios. In 2006, the film version Silent Hill directed by Christophe Fans was released, and fans were evaluated for reproduction of the world view. In 2012, another director’s movie Silent Hill: Revelation 3D was released.

While Silent Hill related works are loved by many fans, the related titles have not been released for a while. While the voices of fans seeking a new work are strong, rumors of new developments often spread. Each time the fans are colored and discouraged, the fans have been repeated. However, this time it is a slightly unusual case. FANS, the first film version director, said clearly that multiple new works are under development.

Fans told an interview video by French media MAG (Movie & Game). The interview is spoken in French, translating it into English by overseas bulletin board users. The US IGN has confirmed its accuracy. In addition, our magazine also referred to an interview-related article by MAG to confirm that there is no discrepancy between translation and roughness.

According to the above-mentioned translation, Fans stated in an interview that multiple works related to Silent Hill have been developed by multiple teams. It is also said that some teams are also involved in the early series. MAG’s interviewer mentioned the rumors that Polish Horror Game Development BLOOPER TEAM is developing a remake of Silent Hill 2. Fans seems to have been affirming easily.

FANS’s words indicate a drooling development for series fans. On the other hand, what is worrisome is the accuracy of Fans’s testimony, which is not directly involved in game development. He suggested that in the middle of this year, the production of a new movie Silent Hill is progressing. In the above interview, he mentions the policy of the new movie. If this situation is true, it would be no wonder that Fans could have a certain knowledge of the future development of the series. Fans had previously mentioned the reboot of the Silent Hill series, and he said that the film he produced was part of that (