Publisher Limited Run Games announced on October 13 a package version for Nintendo Switch in the treasure shooting game Radiant Silver Gun . In line with this, Superglue Games, a partner with the company, has announced that it will release a package version for Japan. The reservation start will be announced at a later date.

Radiant Silver Gun is a vertical scroll shooting game that operated in the arcade in 1998 and later released the Sega Saturn and Xbox 360 version. It is very popular among fans as a work developed by a treasure known as Karma, and the downloaded version was ported for Nintendo Switch in September this year.

This work adopts a three-button-type shot operation, a Vulcan laser in the forward direction, a high hit rate, and a spread bullet in the diagonal direction. In addition, by combining buttons and pressing simultaneously, it is characterized by a system that can activate attacks with different performance and use various attacks. In addition, the score acquired is also an experience value, gaining experience value for each type of shot, and accumulating a certain value will be improved, and the shot will be strengthened. The Nintendo Switch version supports online rankings and also includes a game mode that makes bonus rules Karma specification.


The Japanese version of the package version for Nintendo Switch announced this time has not yet been disclosed. However, from the products that SUPERGLUE GAMES has handled so far, it is expected to be basically the same as the overseas version sold by Limited Run Games while arranging the binding for Japan.

By the way, for overseas, there are three types of reversible jacket specifications, a version that includes steel books and storage boxes, as well as a collector’s edition that adds acrylic gas, Sega Saturn case, and soundtrack CDs. It seems that reservations will be accepted until November 13, and then produced and shipped.

Details and reservations for the package version for the domestic Nintendo Switch of Radiant Silver Gun will be announced at a later date. If you are interested, follow the SUPERGLUE GAMES official Twitter account and pay attention to the follow-up. The download version of this work is being distributed for Nintendo Switch/Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 version can be played on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One in rear compatibility.