The 3rd Travel Series of Hero Legends is so large that it is so large that it is so great that it is impossible to understand the normal story without Korean support. Fortunately, the Korean version was continuously released, but it was often released after a long time after the Japanese version, so domestic fans who couldn’t play games on time expressed their regret.

However, the new hero legend: You Travel 2-Crimson SIN-(You Travel 2) will be released on October 27, about one month after its launch in Japan on September 29. Compared to the past, where we can enjoy the Korean version for many years, it is hard to be a fan. Considering that the localization speed is faster, you can expect to launch simultaneously in the next work. On the 12th, we talked about the details of Karachi Shirt, Karachi Shirt, a distributor Clouded Leopard Entertainment Korea, who was in charge of the release of the Korean version of the Korean version of the Condo Yoshihide of Nixon Falcon and the Korean version.

Q. In Japan, it is about a full time after the release. What if there are local reactions and memorable feedback after launch?

CEO Yoshihide Condo (Condo) : In the first episode, I couldn’t help but concentrate on realizing new things such as Sorry Field and Command Battle. In the second episode, it contains a lot of contents with RPGs such as mini-game, main scenario sub-elements, back world solver, and hacking. Many users also come here. I’ve heard a lot about the story, but I’ll reduce it as a spoiler.

Q. There was an unprecedented way of choosing a chapter, but I was curious about the purpose of this configuration.

Condo : In this work, each member will do their own work in the back world. This element was needed to show the characters that are growing without the alienated character as much as possible and to show the changes that occur from various perspectives.

Q. The previous trajectory was supported a PS5 a long time after its launch, but it will respond to the PS5 from the beginning. I wonder if there is a change depending on the improved hardware, and how Nixon Falcon will move forward in the technical side.

Condo : I want to reduce stress to make the story fully. I wanted to put a lot of functions by utilizing the function of the PS5 to load the entire building, proceeding in the form of a seamless, or starting the battle without a separate loading. It may be possible, but the ultimate hope of the engineers during the meeting is to proceed with all the systems in the form of a fully seamless form.

** Q. Is it good to expect a switch transplant, two pc versions?

Condo : Switch transplant has started research. It is currently being reviewed positively. First, I will try to convey the best news as much as possible. The PC version is also in conjunction with other companies. I don’t know when it will be, but it will be released.

Q. The trajectory series is so vast that the story is always provided with an archive for previous works. Are there any content that tie a book, anime, and a digest, etc. ? **

Condo : I think this is the most important homework. That’s why I’m always very worried about animation production proposals. If you start once, you won’t end a few cools. Next year, the island’s trajectory Annie will be aired, and this animation is also receiving several suggestions whether they will follow the story or to tell a different story. It’s hard to tie all the series with animation. I tried to release it as a book, but when I summarized it, it was ridiculous. It seems that I need a little idea how to make this a single content.

Q. Cloud Leopard Entertainment (CLE) is very interested in the Korean market. In addition to the software for fans, do you have any plans to officially import localized goods, books, and records related to Nixon Falcon game?

Director Karachi Shirt (hereinafter referred to as Karachi) : From October 30 to November 17, we will rent a pop-up store by renting a Singalong Royal Macaroon Café. The items prepared here are not definitely determined, but I will show you as many things as possible. In addition, it will make and introduce several collaboration goods.


Q. The first part was given to the release of the Korean version after the launch of Japan, but this year was only a month. I wonder how it was possible to do this fast localization. Are you considering Korean voice support?

CEO Chen Wen wen (hereinafter referred to as Chen) : I didn’t want to be scolded by Karachi. In the first episode, the engine and build changed a lot and took a long time. However, the second part was accumulated, and the work was fast. Korean dubbing is being reviewed.

Q. I wonder how it had a lot of translations.

Chen : As you know, the trajectory series has a lot of metabolism. Usually, if the playtime is about 40-50 hours, the ambassador is about 80 to 1 million characters. However, the trajectory series boasts 2 million characters per piece. It is usually about two or three times the RPG.

Q. Can I expect the next time to release Korea simultaneously?

Chen : The next small volume may be large. The two traces were reviewed simultaneously until the end, but not. I wish I could release it at the same time in my next work. You can look forward to it.

Q. Karachi Shirt was a man in the past, many Korean console gamers in the past. It’s been a long time since interviews with Korean media, but I want to listen to the plans, appreciation, and future plans.

Karachi : At that time, the Asian market was virtually my jurisdiction. I tried to work because of the enthusiasm for the game, and as part of the effort, it was released faster in the Asian market than the PS4 and Japan. The memory of the time remains clear and the user’s brilliant eyes come to mind. Five years have passed since Sony’s retirement, and there is still a hot heart for Asia. Personally, I am conveying a high-level localization title. I have been through several companies so far, and I want to show a good game.

Q. About 18 years have passed since the trajectory series. I would like to tell you how much the story was in progress. For reference, 50%of the entire trajectory series was conducted in the island trajectory 4.

Condo : 70%of You Travel is finished. Even after the second episode, there are many stories in the Republic, so there are many areas to draw. I am worried about whether I can solve all the stories within the remaining 30%. There is also a problem of aging staff, so I think it’s my task to complete it. I will think about how many more I can make before retirement.