In Genshin Impact , the sucrose is a support , user of catalyzed r and dominates the vision Anne . She is one of the characters that the traveler has contact during the adventures by Ronstadt and proves to be an alchemist and assistant of Albedo . For sucrose, the ideal is to have a strong DPS that can extract the best from your energy load and elemental explosions. In this guide we have gathered built suggestions, including the best weapons, artifacts and team combinations.

It is worth mentioning that succors is classified in our tier list of the best characters. The level four character of rarity gives the team strong elemental reactions.

How to play well from succors?

Sucrose is ideal for decreasing enemies resistances and generating extra energy for the team, the character provides great group control and increases the damage to elemental reactions thanks to their Anemia skills. It is used as an effective support and among its many advantages are the explosion and elemental resonance. However, she is very dependent on her constellations and has a very high recharge time.

Order of talent evolution

The most suitable weapons

The perfect artifacts for succors

It is advisable to bet on any of the following artifact sets in its four-piece version.

Recommended statistics:

Option 1:

  • HP
  • ATQ
  • P. Elemental
  • P. Elemental
  • P. Elemental

Sub attributes:

  • ATQ
  • Anemia
  • Critical damage
  • Critical rate



The constellation of sucrose is the bundle , which means bottle, to match the alchemist who is always seen with the work object. In terms of skills, it can be considered a limited constellation. Some are more interesting to explore than others.

A C6, that grants an elemental damage bonus when its explosion is active and the c4 is useful for reducing the skill waiting time. While the others, they extend the explosion or give an additional load to their elemental skill. In addition to providing an elemental skill level.

The best teams for succors