Marvel Snap is a new card game with Marvel popular characters and places. The players use their characters to accumulate points and overcome an opponent in two of three locations. Like other card games, there are fun cosmetic items such as cards and avatars so that players enjoy. The players begin with some types of cosmetics, so here is how to change the back of a letter in Marvel Snap .

Choose a new letter back in Marvel Snap

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Choosing a new card back is very easy, 100% intentional words game, just follow these steps:

* Go to your collection .

Select a deck *.
Touch the button with three lines. .
Select the card symbol in the middle .
Choose the back of your favorite letter *.
Select equip and will be ready to start *.

How to get more letters of cards

Marvel Snap gives you six letters of cards to start and grants free cards through the season pass, the qualifying scale and several missions. Remember that you can have a different letter back for each deck from your collection. Now you are ready to win cubes and improve your cards with style!

Playing the tutorial gives you cards and allows you to update them immediately. Once it ends, Marvel Snap has some free rewards that you will want to claim immediately. There is a sweet variant of Iron Man for the day of the launch that you receive automatically. In the store, there are 50 free credits that you can claim playing the computer chip symbol just below the word store. Log in once a day to get additional gifts.

That is all we have in How to change the back of a letter in Marvel Snap . Check out some of our other SNAP contents, such as the best starting decks, the Magic Nerf and the symbiote invasion season.

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