The latest series of series released on October 28, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 , but it is currently impossible to disable cross play in the game on Xbox and PC. It turned out.

This is a function that only matches between the same models, so that various hardware differences such as game pads, mouse and keyboards, and differences in individual processing performance do not become unfair. It is.

The settings related to this cross play are said to be able to set in the game in the PlayStation version, and the unification of the model is revealed.

In general, when comparing pads and mice, the mouse is more advantageous in both the reaction speed and the accuracy of the operation, and some games have auxiliary functions such as Aim Assist only for pads. There is also.


On the other hand, a certain hardware cheat that enables the Aim assist function for pads while using a mouse and keyboard by intervening a device called a converter is also a problem from the viewpoint of fairness. I am.

In the Xbox version, by changing the system settings of the main unit instead of in-game settings, it is possible to set the cross play refusal in a pseudo manner, and strictly, only the PC version cannot be set.

This work is a strong FPS, so I would like to pay attention to how the developer responds to the reaction of users seeking fairness.