Phil Spencer , head of the division Xbox of Microsoft , h questioned the current met avers in a recent interview, ensuring that they are nothing more than a badly built video game* * And that is not the place where he wants to spend most of his time. He h been shameless in a talk with The Wall Street Journal (via The Verge), sharing his doubts about the increingly popular Virtual meetings and meetings **.

A virtual interaction that arrives too soon

And it is that with the strong entrance of the met avers we know them today, many are the companies that take steps towards that direction, such goal. However, Phil Spencer , CEO of Xbox, questions the current viability of these technologies, ensuring that They are a poorly built video game , taking the issue to its land, marking the differences between the Possibilities of video game creators today and the real application of met avers today.

Video game creators have an incredible skill to build attractive worlds in which we want to spend time, says Spencer. For me, build a metaverse that looks like a meeting room… I simply realize that is not the place where I want to spend most of my time, continues the manager.

Even so, and despite their burlesque tone, Spencer comments that the met avers have arrived too soon and that he hopes that in the future they will end to what they are capable of offering video games today at the technology level and immersion. Of course, remember that Microsoft already works on 3D met avers for some of its most popular franchises, such Minecraft , Flight Simulator or Halo , everything to bring reality Virtual one step further with video games a prominent factor in the equation.