It h happened again. Weeks are still missing for the arrival in the market of War Ragnarök, but there are already stores that have sold some copies, so spoilers have begun to emerge on social networks and on the Internet. The producer of God of War Ragnarök and director of God of War (2018), Cory Barlow, h not been able to avoid frustration and h loaded against the stores that are selling the game ahead of time. In addition, the study h recommended silencing keywords in the networks.


A store is selling the game almost two weeks before its launch , simply disappointing, h been sincere. I feel that all people are having to dodge destroyed. If you want to play clean play it is completely stupid that you have to do this, it is not the way Sony Santa Monica would have wanted.

In the first tweet, Cory Barlow hmented that now he understands that some developers choose to include only one installer on physical discs, although he h then rectified and admitted that these words have been due to frustration: To be clear, I w expressing My frustration in the first tweet, not defending to be done at all. It is not the future that I want a player or developer. I am more than frustrated, I feel fatal for the team . All this ordeal is incredibly stressful for all of us.

Santa Monica ks to silence keywords

The study behind the title h officially manifested on Twitter to recommend players to silence keywords related to the video game. we approach the launch It is important for our study to preserve the experience of God of War Ragnarök for players to enjoy the game for the first time without spoilers. We k you to be considered with the many fans who do not want to see clips, gameplay or narrative destroys.

Sony Santa Monica is working on piecework to eliminate this material from the network, but are aware that it is impossible to end all this . We strongly recommend that you silence any keyword or hhtag sociated with the game until the relee day.

God of War Ragnarök will be available on the next November 9 on PS4 and PS5. Sony Santa Monica will implement the photo mode after launch.