Among the many anime and manga characters Chainsaw Man, few are as ephemeral as Chainsaw Devil Wichita. A little dog with a chainsaw that stands out from his face, is a good pure heart boy who only wanted the best for his dear human friend Benji. However, since it is anime and manga, you would not be blamed for asking you: Wichita is dead in Chainsaw Man? Or was your premature death a falsification?

Luckily for you, we have investigated the entire series, and we have found an answer for you. However, be careful: there are minor spoilers below.


Wichita died in Chainsaw Man? Explained

It turns out that Wichita is not exactly dead in Chainsaw Man. However, he no longer exists as his own entity either. This is because Wichita renounced his own way to possess Benji and become his heart after Zombie Devil will kill them both. As a result, Wichita is now part of Benji with limited consciousness and free will, and only realizes if Benji is in immediate danger or if Benji is actively looking within himself during a dream.

We can see this in action sometimes different in the series. The repeated dreams of Benji of a door that tell him that he does not open is a warning of Wichita, who cares about what will happen to Benji if he lets the traumas of the past resurface. Wichita also tries to warn Benji when a powerful demon approaches him and sends him the same ominous warning of Do not open the door.

As for talking directly to Benji, this occurs closer to the end of the series. After defeating the main antagonist of the public security arch, Benji speaks with Wichita again in a dream and learns that Wichita knew the antagonist quite well before meeting Benji. Wichita then tells Benji that she wants Benji and the antagonist to live together as they did, and hopes they do so to both live a happy life.

It is definitely a bit strange when it comes to keeping a character in a story, but it is also a welcome half that Wichita remains in the Chainsaw Man series as a whole. It also serves as a means for Benji not to completely lose what is easily the closest thing he had to a family while growing and keeps one of the most positive and pure members of the cast as a habitual element in his world constantly evolving.

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