Sufi is perhaps one of the most important characters in Disney Dream light Valley.

He not only provides you with tools that will help you in your quests, but also launches its GUFI-QIOKI in every biome where you can buy seeds and plants for star coins.


Find Sufi in the game is actually easy. To get to it is the most difficult part. The next leadership will tell you where to find him in the DRIRE Disney Valley.

The location of the Sufi house in peaceful meadows.

Sufi can be found in his house in peaceful meadows . The house is located near a large pond, right in the middle of a biome.

However, when you start the game, the Sufi house will be blocked by several boulders. You will need to find a pick to clean the boulders and enter the house to talk with GUI for the first time.

Go to the right lower corner of the square to stumble upon a giant boulder with a pick. This is Royal Kirk that gives you the opportunity to destroy small boulders.

Use it to clean small boulders near the ladder of Plaza, which block the entrance to peaceful meadows. As soon as the path is cleared, go to the Sufi house and talk to him inside.

Please note that as soon as you complete his quests, Sufi will wander throughout the map. You can find him in his kiosk in every biome in the game.