The first confrontations of the IEM Major Rio Legends Stage, the first CS: GO of history made in Rio de Janeiro are defined. With Vitality’s OG (2-1) victories from CLOUD9 over Gamer legion (2-0) and Fanatic over 9Z (2-0) this Thursday (3), the last three teams classified to the main key Major via Challengers Stage were finally known, as well as the first clashes of the next phase.

The only azilian team that advanced to Legends Stage, Curia faces Once, from Europe, on Saturday, at 2:45 pm asília time. Among the foreign teams, the trendiest duel of the 1st round will be between Navy, Simple, and Vitality, from Zoo, scheduled for 1:30 pm. Another prominent confrontation is doing CLAN, current PGL Major Antwerp champion and best team in the world in the 2022 season, and Cloud9, IEM Champion Dallas this year. The confrontation between doing and C9 has a scheduled beginning at 12:15 pm. All the duels of the first round happen in the MD1 format.

From the results of the first round, the teams of Legends Stage, all crossings of Round 2 of IEM Major Rio will be defined. The duels also take place on Saturday, from 17h00, following the Swiss format regulation, in which teams with identical campaigns in number of wins and defeats face until 8 of them reach 3 wins, advancing to Champions Stage, and 8 others They reach 3 losses, goodbye to the major.

1st Round of Legends Stage (05/11, Saturday)-Confronts Md1

  • 11h00-Team Liquid x Moue
  • 11h00-Team Spirit x Bad News Eagles
  • 12:15-Faze Clan x Cloud9
  • 12h15-SPROUT X BIG
  • 1:30 pm

  • 1:30 pm
    14h45-Ence x Curia
  • 14h45-Nip x Fanatic