If you are like most One Piece fans, you probably have been asking: Is one Piece Film Red Canon ? After all, the film presents Shanks’s daughter, UTA, in the broader universe, which is not exactly less. Similarly, he received a series of episodes that expand how Luffy and UTA became friends when they were younger, which further consolidates their participation and importance in the broader plot.

Similarly, we were curious how frequent is what happens in the movie. To that end, we made our due diligence and gathered what we found in this explanatory guide.

¿One Piece Film Red Canon or Filling? Answered

To go straight to the point saying that, No, one piece film network is not canon.

This should not be a surprise since all other One Piece films are not canonical, but it is still worth saying due to the related material published for anime. However, as with the anime content released for other films, this content is completely filling and is not related to the official timeline of the manga or other material of origin.

Speaking of that: the manga is the clearest indicator that One Piece Film Red is not canon. While the film seems that Luffy and Shanks gathered for the first time since they separated in Fossa Village to stop New Genesis, do not gather until after Want’s events and the arches that remain in the manga. Not only that, but Shanks makes a specific note at the end of Want’s arch on how he doesn’t want to see Luffy until the right time is or, more specifically, until they face One Piece.

When combined with the fact that Luffy only uses skills that he would have before or during the Want arch, it is quite clear that it would be impossible for One Piece Film Red to happen while the series of events that make up the series itself are maintained.

Hopefully this is clarified If one Piece Film Red is canon or not . To get more information about the series, see any of the articles related below. We also have many other guidelines and characteristics of One Piece to examine, including explanations about when One Piece’s anime began and when good One Piece becomes, as well as a list of the best arcs of One Piece, classified.

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