Developer Motion Twin announced on November 7 that it will deliver an update that will collaborate with other independent games in the Rogue Vanity action game currently on sale. The studio has published collaboration works on Twitter since the other day, and all lineups have been set today.

The following six titles will participate in this collaboration in DEAD CELLS (parentheses are in parentheses). Both are indie games that are very popular.

  • Shovel Night (YACHT CLUB GAMES)
  • Katina Zero (OSIsoft)
  • Slay The Spire (Mega CRT Games)
  • HOTLINE MIAMI (Denton Games)
  • Terrain (Re-Logic)
  • Risk of Rain (Ho poo Games)

Although the details of the collaboration update have not been announced yet, the posted videos suggest that skins, weapons and skills inspired by the hero of each indie game are added. Each weapon is assigned an action that seems to be the work, for example, a collaboration with Shovel Knight is a shovel, but a king knight, but a king night. It seems that you can attack the enemy directly below from the air and jump even more.

In the collaboration with Katina Zero, it seems that in addition to the flash that is not reached by the sword, a long-range attack that throws objects is also available. For Slay The Spire, the skills with the motif of the deck-building element of the same work are prepared. It can be used in the form of rotating four types of skill cards, and different play styles can be expressed by the effects of each skill card.

In collaboration with HOTLINE MIAMI, baseball bat appears as a weapon. When you defeat the enemy, you will see a score of the same work. It is also worth noting skin that imagined the main character jacket that masked chicken. In Terr aria, the action of swinging the sword is characteristic. When the attack hits the enemy, the shooting star falls, causing critical damage to other enemies around him.

In the collaboration with Risk of Rain, the character of the same work of the same work is skinned, and the weapon is Laser Grieve, which is used by throwing it like a boomerang. This weapon does not necessarily fly with a certain trajectory, but is a continuous hit so that it can be sucked from an enemy to an enemy. During one throwing, the amount of damage will increase each time the attack is hit.

In this work, a collaboration with popular indie games was held last year. Participating works are Hyper Light Drifter, Curse of the Dead Gods, GUACAMOLE! In this last collaboration, a special area was added to the first stage, and the goals to be achieved were also prepared, and it was possible to unlock skin and weapons through them (related article). In this collaboration, such a device may be prepared.


DEAD CELLS is being distributed to PC (Steam/Epic Games Store/ Store)/Nintendo Switch/PS4/Xbox One. The developer Motion Twin suggests that the collaboration update with the 6 indie games announced this time will be distributed tomorrow on November 8. I want to wait for the official announcement.