Neptune’s subsidiary, XR Megabus Platform Developer Mam Society (CEO Yew Church), developed by the ecotourism meta bus ‘Camellia VR’, is held in Geneva, Switzerland until the 13th. I am receiving.

‘Camellia VR’ is a VR ecotourism megabus content that allows you to tour the EU Dongbaekdongsan Wetland Center. The guide system, which provides the same 3D space and ecological information as the actual wetland area, is applied, allowing you to explore wetlands and learn the importance of ecosystem conservation activities without damaging the environment.


EU Songbook Garden Summon Wetlands was registered as a Ramsay wetland through the Ramsay Convention Secretariat in 2011, and proved its importance and preservation value in itself.

The Ramsay General Assembly, called the Environmental Olympics, is an international environmental meeting that evaluates the earth’s wetland preservation and develops common policies. It will be held every three years, and this year’s general meeting is held in Geneva, Switzerland. From the first day of the held, ‘Camellia VR’ booth has led the hot reaction of the field by visiting the participants of the Ramsay General Assembly, environmental protection groups, and international relief organizations from all over the world. Those who have completed the experience showed great expectations for future growth potential in the VR ecotourism sector, along with favorable reviews of high-end ecotourism contents.

Yew Church, CEO of Mam Society, said, There are various inquiries from all over the world to build an experiential megabus in the form of Camellia VR in the Geneva site. I plan to develop it.

Camellia VR will be introduced on the steam platform in December.

Meanwhile, Mam Society launched ‘Galaxy City Korea XR’, which implemented Myeong-dong, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Square Market, and Cheonggyecheon as a meta-meter, and promoted the ‘Galaxy City Earth’ project that implements major tourist attractions around the world as XR met abuses. It is showing a prominent move in the related fields.