Of the many characters you know in the anime and manga Tokyo Revenges, Mikey seems to be the most destined for an unfortunate ending. Tokyo Meiji Gang’s leader and victim of endless tragedies, his descent to the darkest trends of him seems to put an objective on his back for premature death due to his search for a way of masking his constant pain from him. However, since the series has already concluded, you probably be curious: does Mikey die in Tokyo Revenges?

After reading the series in its entirety, we have an answer for you. However, be careful: there are some great Story Spoilers ahead.


Does Mikey die permanently in Tokyo Revenges? Answered

The good news is that Mikey is alive and well at the end of Tokyo Revenges, although it comes after a little struggle and difficulties from Takemichi.

After crossing several timelines in which Mikey ends up dead due to bullet wounds or more mysterious circumstances, Takemichi realizes that he needs to save Mikey before in the timeline. To this end, it goes back in time after facing Mikey today with the intention of forcing him to dissolve the Tokyo Kanji gang forever.

In the course of the final arch, he works to achieve this goal and finally face Mikey directly. However, in his final fight, Mikey ends up stabbing Takemichi in the abdomen while a karmic curse placed on him makes him crazy. This results in Takemichi almost died before he and Mikey are transported in time to when they were children.

Then they meet and, thanks to the fact that both remember what happened in the past lines, they realize that they can now work together to save themselves and all their friends. They proceed to do this and, after guaranteeing the safety of all, dissolve the Tokyo Kanji gang permanently. It is shown that both are alive and well several years later at Takemichi’s wedding, and Mikey is free of the darkest impulses and the karmic curse that led him to death in the previous timelines.

It is definitely the happiest ending that Mikey could have had, and wraps the arch of his character in a way that makes enough sense in the great scheme of things. Similarly, the series definitely concludes, with the last possible person that Takemichi needed to save successfully and get away from an unfortunate final.

Hopefully this is clarified whether Mikey dies in Tokyo Revenges. To get more information about the series, see any of the articles related below. We also have many other explanatory guides related to the series, including some about what Midas Darkness is and how many Time Leapers there are.

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