The German streamer Dinoßindgeil, which is likewise called Nico, has handled a significant difficulty. He managed Satanic forces Souls, Dark Souls 1, 2 and 3, Blood borne, Senior: Shadows to play through the Two times and Elden Ring (short soulsborneciroring) in a row without even setting in!

The streamer devoted himself to the God Run 3 for 120 days. He could not afford moments of absence of attention: an opponent effectively put one blow, needed to be restarted once again with the first game. With a psychological final scene, he commemorates the end of this extensive marathon on Twitter:

We did it! 120 days! 7 video games! NO MATCHES! Soulsbornkiroring no Hit Run! Thank you for watching today. Thank you for everything..

The Streamer Bushido successfully played the obstacle with the 7 from software application games in September 2022. The banner took breaks here, which Nico did not do.