With that in mind, we wish to take a look at five things yet to get here in this year’s game which are particular to provide much excitement Come see our prices.


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FIFA 23 has actually supplied us with lots of enjoyment so far this year, but we all know that there is room for improvement.

FIFA 23 New Features

Whilst FUT will receive the most love, there are plenty of additions yet to be made that will make FIFA 23 a much better video game from top to bottom.


FIFA 23 is very much a live video game these days, and we’re not simply discussing Ultimate Team.

More Authentic Scans

We have actually currently received news that a number of new authentic face scans will be contributed to FIFA 23 quickly, with Premier League stars bountiful set to look better than ever.

New scans will get here in due time for promoted sides like Forest, Bournemouth and Fulham, whilst other Premier League supervisors might also be offered a genuine touch.

It won’t simply be the one batch that promises to bring new levels of realism to this year’s game, we’re specific to see new and updated scans drop in throughout the year.

EA always aims to make FIFA feel and look more genuine than ever and the improvements are set to continue can be found in the next couple of months.

Group of the Year

One of the most interesting promotions of the year, Group of the Year will celebrate the finest stars of 2022, with outrageous cards set to arrive in Ultimate Group.

Whilst there’s no confirmed release date for Group of the Year, we’re expecting it to follow right after the World Cup, with a number of unbelievable superstars set to be furnished with amazing cards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Group.

The World Cup content may have sprayed some extra fun into Ultimate Team, however Team of the Year is set to take things to the next level.

A New Stadium

The stadium will likely arrive early next year, but these dates could alter due to scan timeframes.

Whilst brand-new players and stadiums get the pulses racing, there will likewise be a number of rating updates that will show up in January.

Far, apparent contenders for such an upgrade include the likes of Youssouffa Mouton, Miguel Albion and pretty much the entire Toolbox squad.

Stars that have shown EA wrong in the first half of the season will get richly-deserved upgrades, with these brand-new ratings set to come into play throughout all modes.

Steve Cooper’s side have long been ending up at Ivy Lane in FIFA, but that looks set to alter early next year when the City Ground gets formally scanned and included into this year’s video game.

Rating Updates

Certain upgraded stars will likewise receive brand-new FUT products to reflect their leading efficiencies.

Nottingham Forest set the Champion alight last year, securing promo to the Premier League.

It won’t just be brand-new face scans showing up in FIFA 23 in the coming months, a brand-new stadium will likewise arrive in FIFA 23 quickly.

Teases for the Future

FIFA has begun to tease their modification of strategy, however EA has provided little away so far.

With that being stated, we do not understand a lot about what will include in the newly entitled EA Sports FC.

We all understand that FIFA 23 will be the last partnership between EA Sports and FIFA.

It’s well worth keeping your eyes peeled in the coming months, as FIFA 23 could be the ideal playground to evaluate new and interesting ideas that could result in an exceptionally amazing future for football gaming.