CY Games Korea (CEO Watanabe Chichi) announced on the 22nd that it added a new card of the 26th Celestial Dragon blade / Sky Dragon Blade at its online CCG ‘Shadow Bus’.

In addition, a total of 18 new cards, including Olivier & Silvia, Castro Jocular, Golden’s Wig sin Rumor, and Silver Innocent Ar Gang, will be added.

In addition, in Korea’s official café, the world’s first Bishop class ‘Wolfgang’s Paladin Stop’ has been continued to communicate with users five years after its Korean language service.

In addition, 1 ~ 4 of the extra story [non-interest abstract], featuring Olivier and Silvia, has been added, and the number of premium cards is changed to be displayed in the Experience Card Exchange Screen and Card Pack Point Exchange Screen.

In addition, the 26th ‘Celestial Dragonball / Sky Sword’ Card Pack Ticket for all users who complete the tutorial and play the game until the next card pack update day, ‘Daily Free Pack Get Event’ and ‘Daily’ Various events will be held to commemorate the update of new Chukka cards such as free pack gift events and winning rewards events.

‘Shadow Bus’ is a game that started Korean service in February 2017, and the brilliant effects and textured stories that create the character’s dynamic appearance are still popular with domestic users.


More information about games and events can be found in the official café.