Under the large choice of Pokémon, which players can capture both Pokémon Parmesan and violet, just a few are as unusual and tricky as the regular Lakota, which can develop into among the top grilles of the Slaking game. However, where can you find a Lakota in the games, and how can you catch it? To answer that and more, here is where and how to catch a Lakota in Pokémon Parmesan and violet.

Where can you capture Lakota in Pokémon Parmesan and purple?

Apart from that, Lakota can only be discovered in trees in the southwestern part of Pale. In our case, we could find a Lakota on the top of a tree in the swamp in the southern province (location 5).


Unlike many Pokémon in the game, Lakota is not visible throughout expedition, as it is out of sight on the top of the trees. You can get Pokémon out of the trees in both Parmesan and in violet by either running onto the tree with Portion or using Myrmidon, causing the Pokémon to fall on the branches.

You can inspect the specific location where we handled to find and capture a Lakota: below:

Below you can also see all the locations where you can find a Lakota in Pokémon Parmesan and violet:

This is how you develop your Lakota up to a slacking

You can play Pokémon scarlet red and violet solely on the Nintendo Switch.

After captured in both Pokémon Parmesan Purpura, you can establish it into a Vigorous by bringing it to level 18. As quickly as you have done this, you can develop your Vigorous into a Lakota by getting it to level 35.

  • This article was updated on November 22, 2022