The coronavirus stopped the world. Some countries have entered a total locking while others have taken drastic measures to try to contain the spread of the virus. Anyway, most people are encouraged to stay at home and play safely. Although this may not be very deadly for those who are under 60, you should try to limit your time outside so as not to spread the virus to those whose life could be in danger. The coronavirus has forced many people inside, which means that many people have more free time on hand. According to Xbox chief Phil Spencer, the number of use of the Xbox One has increased since the coronavirus was declared pandemic.

Spencer was very positive on the news. He congratulated those who chose to stay at home rather than going out and risking an infection. Everyone, please stay safe and enjoy certain video games this weekend <3, said Spencer via the Xbox Twitter account. It also helps that these people make him a lot of money. But at least there are positive news for once.


The Xbox One did not do what she had planned to do for this generation. It was far from his much more prosperous younger brother, the Xbox 360. Many blamed the failures of the Xbox One due to bad marketing or a lack of convincing exclusives to attract customers to the fence. In any case, the Xbox will try to bounce back with the Xbox Series.

If there is good news to draw from it, it is that you can finally find the time to sit down and play this game that you have always wanted.

Stay safe.